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I love scarves - summer ones, winter ones, large wooly ones or small silk ones, i love them all as they are all capable of completely transforming an outfit.

Harlig was founded by a fellow passionate scarf lover Isobelle, who after often wearing scarves herself decided it was time to set up her own brand.

Harlig scarves are manufactured by hand in Gloucestershire and are individually hand-painted in their London studio - as a brand they insist on ethical and sustainable production in the UK.

Harlig designs are colourful and contemporary and the scarves themselves beautiful and of a stunning quality, they are an item that you will keep forever. Here is some more information about the brand: 




WHY WAS IT CREATED: In a nutshell, I am crazy about scarves, I have always loved and collected them, in fact, I am rarely seen without one. Their versatility from a styling and practical perspective, is undeniable and selecting the right one results in an instant outfit transformation. I wanted to share the 'scarf love' and created Harlig to indulge explosions of colour and pattern, onto a luxury silk canvas.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We are dedicated advocates of bold colours and brave pattern coupled with UK design and manufacture. Our design process is undertaken by hand, resulting in texture, tangible depth and delicious colour palettes. Harlig printed silk scarves are crafted in the Gloucestershire countryside and finished with luxury, traditional hand-rolled hems. Alongside the printed range are hand-painted silk scarves, individually painted in our London studio, by myself.

After a decade of working and learnings within the demands of corporate fashion sourcing, I insist on ethical production for Harlig, to minimise any negative social and environmental impact. For that reason, Harlig will always work sustainably in the UK, keeping our carbon footprint to a minimum and buying small quantities from trusted suppliers.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The debut range launches with an exploration and distortion of traditional patterns; herringbone, dogtooth and check. The pink dogtooth is an absolute winner for the breadth of colour, but, saying that, we have been also seeing lots of the printed herringbone flying out of the Harlig studio too.