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Salt-Water Sandals have been around for a long time - since 1944 in fact. They were founded (like many great brands are) from a problem that needed to be solved; in the case of Salt-Water Sandals it was as a way to cope with the leather shortages in America in World War II.

As the name suggests Salt-Water Sandals can be worn in (and out of) the sea, the buckles are rust proof and the whole shoe can be washed in the washing machine. They are designed to mould to your foot and are hard wearing and durable - i can also personally vouch for the fact they are very comfortable!

Salt-Water Sandals come in a variety of styles and loads of different colours and are both for kids and adults too. But be warned it takes a long time to choose which colour to go for....

Here is some more information on the brand's heritage and what we need to know about this summer staple:




WHY WAS IT CREATED: As a way to cope with leather shortages in World War II, Walter Hoy started making his sandals using the scrap leather left over from making military boots. Word soon spread and before long, families from all over St. Louis, were asking if Walter could make sandals for their kids. A summer staple in America for 70 years, they are now being spotted on a growing number of celebrity children such as Suri Cruise, Ramone Saasgard, Matilda Ledger, Romy Mars and Ruby Maguire. Grown up fans include Sienna Miller, Alexa Chung, Paloma Faith, Fearne Cotton and Maggie Gyllenhaal.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: This is a brand with authentic heritage - Salt-Water Originals are defined by their tough little-way stitched rubber sole, whilst the Sun-San range is built upon a more bouncy urethane bonded base. The leather is coated with a water resistant sealant and they mould to the user's feet with repeated wear. The rust -proof brass buckles allow straps to be adjusted for narrow or wide feet. They are great for running in and out of the ocean and rock pooling and can be popped into the washing machine; the perfect summer sandal for both wet and dry conditions.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Seventy years on and Hoy shoes' classic designs continue to deliver durable leather comfort. Beautiful design, made to last. If you want to stay true to the original then go for a tan Salt-Water Original - or try one of the latest mash-ups (a combination of colour ways in one sandal). The Fisherman style Salt-Water Shark is a back catalogue archive design that we re-launched for the European market last year. For children check out the latest cherry print available in several different Sun-San styles.

This post is in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by Salt-Water Sandals. All thoughts and views are my own.


'A Slide is a shoe that is backless and open-toed, essentially an open-toed mule. Slides can be high-heeled, flat-heeled or somewhere in between, and may cover nearly the entire foot from ankle to toe, or may have only one or two narrow straps. The term is descriptive in that this shoe is easy to 'slide' on and off the foot when the wearer wants to do so.'  Wikipedia

I'm a bit of a fan of a Slide / Slider, i had some great bejewelled H&M ones last summer and i loved them.  They are perfect for when you are super pregnant and can't reach your foot to do up a sandal or if your feet have swollen up and you can no longer fit them in any other shoes.

Zara £29.99 / Glamorous £26 / Nike £17 / MARC BY MARC JACOBS £85 / Birkenstock £75 / Carvella £65 (was £95) / KG Kurt Geiger £95 / New Look £20