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EsmeLoves is a London based jewelry brand who create beautiful, timeless pieces for all generations of women.

EsmeLoves was born from a personal project - after the founder Sophie designed a matching bracelet and necklace for herself and her daughter to honor their relationship. The collection grew from there and celebrates the importance to connect with one another and to remind us of the people who are important to our lives.

I own a lot of jewelry but it's always the good quality, classic and meaningful pieces that i wear the most - this necklace is one of those pieces, especially as my daughter has a matching bracelet too. 

Here is some more information from the founder Sophie, on how it all began and what she wants us to know about her brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: November 2015 (although it has been a personal project for much longer)

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: I (Sophie) am a mum of two lovely little people and I now live in London. I recently spent 8 years living and working in India in the education sector. I have spent a lot of my life living overseas and I always sought out jewellery, from the gem markets in Thailand and Malaysia to the silver bazaars of Delhi, over the years I have developed a hobby and passion for gemstone jewellery.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: It initially started out as a personal project. I wanted some jewellery to signify my journey and relationship with my daughter. I couldn’t find anything I liked and so I designed a small silver baby bangle for Esme and a necklace of the same design for myself. I loved the idea of wearing something that both of us had. I then had one made for my mum and the concept grew from there as friends requested pieces for themselves and loved ones. The collection grew as the story did.

EsmeLoves (Esme means ‘beloved’) is a brand that celebrates the relationships we have, as a mother, a grandmother, sister and more. I want a jewellery brand that appeals to both my Grandmother and my own growing daughter with subtle, timeless and delicate designs that will be worn through the years.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: It’s about women and our relationships. We live in world that is connected, across the globe 24 hours a day we can call, email, text people who we love. To stay connected has never been easier, yet the gap between the generations is growing larger. The world moves and changes at such speed it is hard to stay connected to what matters. Relationships and people are our connection. Our mothers, grandmothers, sisters, nieces and friends.

EsmeLoves is a London based independently run jewellery business with an aim to celebrate our relationships and reminds us of the people in the world who mean so much.

I want people to wear jewellery with meaning (and look good of course at the same time…)

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The whole of the EsmeLoves collection are all my favourite pieces and I wear them often. I wear the silver rose quartz Grande necklace pretty much with every outfit. It is different to most long necklaces and it is unique in design. I find it is stylish and classical with the intricate filigree design over the rose quartz stone. People always comment on it. My daughter often wears the silver baby bangle of the same design. I also love the rainbow moonstone circle earrings and they are very popular and perfect when you want to ‘dress up’ an outfit.


Inspired by the magic of ancestral jewellery Ilado Paris's pieces are meaningful, symbolic, simple and stunning.  Designed and made by talented and passionate designers and artisans from France and around the world, their first collection of pregnancy necklaces are a unique, contemporary interpretation of an ancestral Mayan tradition.

Ilado was founded by two childhood friends (and mothers) in Paris who left their jobs to follow their passion and desire to create simple beauty amongst the chaos of modern life.  Here is what they'd like us to know about their brand and beautiful jewellery: 



BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: We are Celia Bonahon and Sandra Zeller, 2 childhood friends and young mothers based in Paris. Originally, ILADO was the name of an African peninsula where our friendship began when we were 10. In 2015, 20 years later, fascinated by the meaningful beauty and the magic of ancestral jewellery, and inspired by our own search for meaning and harmony in the hectic pace of our lives as young mothers in Paris, we left our jobs as fashion buyer and marketing director to create ILADO Paris!

WHY WAS IT CREATED: ILADO Paris offers “Jewellery for the Soul”. In today’s world, where the loss of meaning and the stress of our fast-paced modern lives take us away from ourselves and from what is essential, we imagine jewellery that you wear to feel good, to express who you are, to inspire you every day. We capture jewellery, beyond its beauty, to its deeper meaning, by connecting with its magical and spiritual essence celebrated for thousands of years around the world. In our industrial cultures where most objects look all the same, we look for talented and passionate designers and artisans from France and around the world, to perpetuate the beauty of traditional know-how at the heart of contemporary creations, that are unlike any other.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Our first collection of Angel Caller jewellery offers the first contemporary interpretation of an ancestral pendant that has been celebrated for centuries in many cultures, from Indonesia to Mexico. It contains a silver ball that emits a subtle and harmonious chime when shaken. Legend has it that this sweet jingling sound, that is unique for each pendant, is magic: it has the power to call the wearer's Guardian Angel. In Mayan culture, it was worn during pregnancy to protect expectant mothers and their babies. After birth, the familiar soothing sound will reassure and calm the baby, as a reminder of the warmth and comfort of the womb and the invisible presence of its mother.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: All our Angel Caller necklaces are beautiful gifts for mums-to-be or for your loved ones! Our favourite one is the U Angel Caller necklace with its minimalist and elegant contemporary design and its adjustable length chain. Our chiming pendants are unique pieces, handmade by a craftsman in Taxco, Mexico, in the greatest respect for tradition. They are then gilded with fine gold and suspended at the end of precious necklaces by a French or Italian manufacturer. Our creations are carefully packaged in a joyful cotton pouches that comes in a protective box made of recycled materials.