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This month my M&S picks are all about versatility - whether that be to accomodate a 6 month pregnant belly, or because you can wear them in all weathers or to any occasion or simply because they are very useful things to have in your wardrobe.


Interseason is the time in between seasons - when it is not quite spring but not quite winter or when it is not quite hot summer but it is getting summerey. Anyway you get the idea and whichever seasons you are between it is always a confusing time of year for dressing.

This floral dress is a great dress for all seasons (and incidentally perfect for maternity + breastfeeding). I've worn it with tights and boots (winter) but in a few months (summer) I will be wearing it with sliders and rolled up sleeves.


Floral Print Long Sleeve Shirt Midi Dress £45 / Wide Fit Leather Block Heel Ankle Boots £69

Do not underestimate how useful a good quality, classic design, black leather backpack is but also don't underestimate how hard it is to find one. I am always on the lookout which is how I spotted this one - it is perfectly balanced and will last a lifetime.

Leather Backpack Bag £59

These trousers are amazing - I am 6 months pregnant in these photos so I am only able to wear maternity trousers or ones with elasticated waists, comfort is always key for me but especially at the moment. These are as comfortable as tracksuit bottoms but at the same time are a checked print that look smart enough for work.

Cotton Blend Textured Trousers £27.50 / Round Neck Short Sleeve T-Shirt £7.50

This is an ideal shirt for anyone who does not want to show too much tummy or bum off (or for someone who is pregnant). It is super smart and feels really premium. I've teamed it over jeans but would also wear it with a pencil skirt or over leather leggings.

Pure Cotton Striped Dipped Hem Shirt £39.50 / Sculpt & Lift Mid Rise Skinny Leg Jeans £35

This post is part of my ongoing collaboration with Marks & Spencers. All thoughts, words and outfit choices are entirely my own obviously.


I thought i'd do a quick post on some high street Maternity clothes that i've seen recently. I have noticed that more and more the high street is taking note that pregnant and breastfeeding women also want to be fashionable, which is obviously obvious to me but up until now it hasn't been to many global high street stores. 

I have also noticed the emergence of some cool, individual maternity and nursing wear brands - such as Clary & Peg, Just Polly and Hatch. As well as Nine In The Mirror who hand pick high end designer clothes that are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and beyond.

Here are a few high street Maternity & Nursing basics that if i was pregnant at the moment i might get:

ASOS £40 / H&M £19.99 / TOPSHOP £39 / ASOS £45 / M&S £35 / TOPSHOP £28

From experience i wish that all the Maternity clothes that i bought, i could then wear to breastfeed in or without a bump. 

I think there is still a long way to go before the gap in the market for fashionable, affordable, comfortable and cool Maternity and Nursing clothes is closed but slowly its happening. I also believe there is a massive opportunity for brands to educate their customers in what works for women during pregnancy and beyond. 

BRAND: Naomi Purkiss Boutique

Naomi Purkiss Boutique make made to order bespoke clothing, from unusual bright coloured and bold pattered fabrics. Her designs and styles are flattering and unique, and due to the way they are cut many of her pieces would be perfect to wear if you are pregnant.

Here is what Naomi would like to tell us about her Boutique:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Naomi Purkiss Boutique



WHY WAS IT CREATED: Originating from my obsession with vintage and unusual fabrics, I started designing easy to wear, flattering garments in bold colours and prints. All items are made with carefully sourced fabrics and there are only a few of each made and some are one of a kind. Women feel special knowing they are wearing something unique which will not be found anywhere else.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: I offer a personal service where customers can choose a garment shape, choose a fabric and choose a length and I will make to order. Items can also be selected from the rail of current stock at my home studio in South London. Alternatively customers can place an order via email. Join my mailing list by contacting me at for information about my 'Top Night' events or follow me on Instagram.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The Kimono jacket is a best seller and a statement piece, easy to throw on over jeans or dressed up for a more glam look. Better still, wear one over a matching, or contrasting, top and 'double up your NPB!'


Clary & Peg design and make vintage-inspired maternity clothing.  

Inspired by photographs of their mothers in their maternity clothes, the duo behind the brand spotted a gap in the market for vintage looking maternity wear and have created an easy to wear, classic cool collection - that can be worn with or without a bump.

Here is what Edwina & Johanna (the founders) would like us to know about their brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: May 2013 (A week after the birth of my second child and 5 weeks before the birth of Johanna's)

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED : Edwina Gieve and Johanna Kociejowski (We met heavily pregnant with our first children at an ante-natal class)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: When we were pregnant we struggled to find things to wear that were as stylish and unique as our pre-pregnant everyday clothes. Mostly we felt that we had to compromise and make do, so we wanted to create a collection that allowed women to enjoy dressing when pregnant and to feel fashionable regardless of how big their bump was. We wanted to create clothes that women want to wear even if they are not pregnant. We also both wear a lot of vintage and there was nothing out there that married "vintage" and "maternity". We were inspired by pictures of our Mum's in dungarees and smock tops, we felt that it was a niche that needed to be filled.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We design and make vintage-inspired maternity wear. All our clothes have been designed so they can be worn with or without a bump. It is very important to us that we are designing clothes that women will want to wear even when they are not pregnant. Our clothes are manufactured in London.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Key pieces for this season - Pinafore, Shirt-dress, Swing top, Jumpsuit. All work through all stages of pregnancy and after. All suitable for breast feeding and very versatile, can be worn everyday and dressed up or down. Staple pieces that that are both comfortable, stylish and unique.


I recently meet Polly from new maternity brand Just Polly. Just Polly is a capsule collection of simple, stylish maternity staples - but that you could also wear post/pre pregnancy and that you can breastfeed in. Made in the UK the pieces are great quality and very versatile they can be dressed up and down and would be perfect for anything from weddings to work.

Here is some more info and what Polly needs you to know about her brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: from concept April 2013 - launch date October 2015


WHY WAS IT CREATED: There were so many different scenarios around me with women finding it difficult to find stylish maternity wear & also nursing clothes for easy breastfeeding. From my sister giving birth and shortly after attending 4 weddings that summer, she had to find rooms to ‘hide’ in, take off her dress and basically strip down naked to breastfeed and i thought to myself there must be an easier way? Another friend at a wedding was without her baby in tow and had to also strip down in a toilet cubicle to express her milk. Then the idea came about at work from a hair and make up artist, she was pregnant and we would chat away on shoots about how she struggled to find good maternity wear that fitted properly & also her frustration with still wanting to look fashionable at work. She said she felt really unfashionable and frumpy especially working on fashion shoots. Another colleague refused point blank to come to the Christmas party because she felt ‘like a whale’ and there were no good maternity party worthy clothes. Talking to more and more women around me of how they struggled to find any maternity clothes that were stylish and practical, i felt compelled to create Just Polly so women could still feel fashionable and comfortable for during and after pregnancy with clothes which would reflect their personal style.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: The Just Polly collection is manufactured in the UK and each piece is named after a friend, family member or someone involved in the creation of Just Polly. Each fabric is carefully sourced using quality fabrics from all over the World. Often weeks are spent sourcing the perfect fabrics until i can get exactly what i have in my mind for that piece.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Just Polly is a quality, stylish and practical maternity wear without looking like ‘maternity wear.’ Some of the pieces in the collection are staple forever pieces so you won’t be throwing them away post birth, you’ll have longer wear from the collection with nursing in mind. Although Just Polly is not a slave to trends we will always keep you up to date so you look and feel your best during and after pregnancy. Also, some of our prints are Limited Edition so you shouldn’t be turning up to that wedding in the same dress as other pregnant guests!


I have done a post on Tube skirts before but they are such an easy skirt to wear and there are loads of them around at the moment.  

They can be a pretty good thing to invest in if you are pregnant as you can get stretchy ones that will fit under/ over/ around a growing bump and then they are still comfortable post baby.  

I prefer to wear a looser top that covers my butt and tummy and i'm loving a bold print.

ASOS £25 / Topshop (was £26) now £12 / Topshop £24 / MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN (was £215) now £120 


When I was pregnant with my first baby I wish I thought more about the maternity wear clothes i'd bought.  I think I had just assumed I'd be wearing my clothes pre bump while i was on maternity leave and had a bit of a shock that I still couldn't wear my wardrobe one of the reasons being i needed quick access to my nipps!

These denim dresses could be worn while you are pregnant and beyond...

ASOS £40 / Vivienne Westwood £275 / ASOS WHITE £65 / MIH JEANS £98