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I have always been a fan of H&M and have shopped there for myself for as long as i can remember shopping so once the kids came a long it was naturally a place that i shopped for them too. Their kids stuff is great - super fun and colourful, great quality and great value, it is where i get all their staples.

Another thing i like about H&M is their eco and sustainable fashion credentials which are some of the highest on the high street - among other things they use recycled plastics to create fabrics, they have an organic cotton range (great for kids with sensitive skin), they are committed to improving pay structures for factory workers and have in-store garment collection points where you can take your old clothes to be recycled.

As well as this H&M is also amazing value, the clothes are great quality and wash well (also crucial for mums!).

H&M have currently got a kids Spring essentials offer on - where you can get a top & a bottom for £6.99 - bargain!


My whole family have recently got some shoes from Clarks!  There aren't many shops that the whole family can get their shoes from - especially ones that are great quality, fit well and that we all love (in fact i think Clarks is the only shop).

I went into Clarks to get the kids some shoes - I went there because i know that they measure them properly (length and width) and that the shoes come in half sizes. But while I was in there I spotted A LOT of shoes and boots for me too....! 

Clarks are doing some cool things at the moment - they have done a collaboration with the V&A, Orla Kiely and Soul of Africa - which donate £3 from every shoe to help care for disadvantaged children, including orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic.

I have always had a thing for Clarks, for me its a brand with so much heritage and potential and the products are genuinely such great quality that it is easy to be loyal to and believe in.  Weirdly i discussed my love of Clarks and the potential i see in it as a brand with my midwife Clemmie while i was in labour with my daughter!!!

Anyway if you haven't been into Clarks recently GO - you and everyone in your family will find some shoes you/they LOVE.



Today i'm wearing this super easy, comfortable outfit - its perfect for hanging out with the kids and when the weather is both hot and cold. 

I am loving my new casual summer jacket it's SO useful, i have been slinging it on over everything and will be layering it up when the weather gets cooler.  At first i wasn't convinced about my denim culottes as i reminded myself of myself as a teenager but now i'm over that i love them and wish i bought them sooner! I got this bandana from a market stall for £1.50 and am wearing it around my neck to add a bit of detail.

Elfie has got her summer coat on to its from Baby GAP - also really useful for confused weather, she is also rocking her super cool Pala Mino leggings to.


There is a lot of tie-dye around at the moment - at first i wasn't sure, i think because it reminds me of my (not so cool) teenage style.  But now i'm kind of in to it again, its got a cool-hippy-rock thing to it that no other print has. 

If you are feeling crafty then you could try doing it yourself or you could give bleach tie-dye a go which looks a bit less messy.  Alternatively you could get one of these dresses pre-dyed from the shops - no mess at all man. Peace out.

Tie-dye is not just for grown ups.