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I popped into H&M yesterday and spotted a few breastfeeding friendly (but also cool if you aren't breastfeeding) items that i'd thought i'd share.

The high neck dress isn't usually a style that you can breastfeed in but this one has buttons down the front that would allow for access.  Personally i would wear a thin vest underneath in one of the colours of the dress that i would pull down under my breast and that would keep my tummy hidden.

H&M do great thin strapped, in-expensive vests in loads of different colours - these are so useful for wearing under your normal t-shirts, tops, shirts etc.  They have recently launched a longer length which is even better as it would come down and cover your waist.  This style vest would also be great if you are pregnant as it would easily cover your belly and could be worn in the same way - under many of your existing tops.

I spotted this easy to wear jumpsuit (£29.99) with buttons down the front and this flattering chunky off the shoulder knit (£29.99) to.


My favourite colour is fuchsia pink and i love jumpsuits so when i was in TOPSHOP and i saw a fuchsia pink jumpsuit i literally yelped for joy! When i went to pay for it i even told the shop assistant how happy and excited i was about finding it and that it was my perfect item of clothing - i think she was pretty happy for me to!

I wore it to a party the other night, but i would also wear it to meetings, work, weddings - i would wear it everyday if i could but my Instagram might get a bit repetitive.

Here is an outfit idea for a wedding - the pink Sarah Baily bag is made to go with it (the silver and pink version would also work perfectly), the silver shoes i am wearing were my Terry de Havilland wedding shoes - they are expensive but so comfortable and FUN.  The elephant necklace costs £23,000 - unlikely that i'll ever own it but if i did i'd wear it with this outfit. 


While looking for the perfect black jumpsuit i came across a new brand called A Day In A Life.

There are many things that i like about this brand - I like that the collection is so versatile, i can imagine wearing the same dress/jumpsuit to a wedding, party and to work and it being perfect for every occasion.  I like that the pieces are ageless and would look amazing on both a 60 year old and on a 20 year old.  I like that there aren't to many pieces in the collection and that they never have sales, instead the collection will grow and more seasonally appropriate items will be added.  

I recently got their black silk jumpsuit and i love it - i know its going to be one of my default items of clothes and will stay in my wardrobe forever.  It can be dressed up or down and worn at every occasion - from a meeting to on holiday.  There is a draw sting waist that you can tighten up high on the waist or lower on the hips - you could also wear this if you are pregnant as it is a loose fit.

A Day In A Life's clothes are well thought through and curated.  The Engineered Knit Slip Dress which is a kind of spanx dress that holds everything in can either be worn as a dress on its own or underneath the looser fit dresses.  This is the type of thing that'd be useful for after you have had a baby to hold everything in, plus you can breast feed in it by pulling the strap to the built in bra down.  The Stretch Printed Bodysuit is another versatile and useful piece that can either be worn on its own or underneath something - again great for breastfeeding and tummy hiding.

The pink coat is amazing - it kind of feels heavy and swings, the cropped jumper is fun to and would look cool on top of the shirts or over the long sleeve jumpsuit.  The quality is amazing and you can only buy directly from the brand meaning that there are no wholesale costs. 

I meet Davina who is the Founder and Creative Director, she has an impressive fashion CV having worked for some of the worlds best fashion houses, she is also really nice and a mum to!

You can see the full collection here: A Day In A Life and for 10% off the jumpsuit from today until August 2nd enter promo code 'DLAM'.


Sometimes i go in to H&M and there are loads of amazing clothes that i want and other times i go in and find nothing.  I have got some great pieces from H&M that have lasted really well and are really great quality.  I am also a fan of H&M because they have one of the best eco credentials on the high streets.

Anyway i went in a couple of days ago and spotted a few good pieces - so i thought i'd share them!

Sequin T-shirt £29.99 / Playsuit £29.99 / Dress £14.99 / Jumpsuit £29.99 / T-shirt £12.99 / Top £29.99


Do not be afraid to try a jumpsuit!  They are such an easy outfit - trousers and top in one.  They are flattering, easy to breastfeed in, you can get smart ones, casual ones, beach ones, cropped ones, tight ones, summer ones, winter ones, patterned ones, plain ones, loose ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, statement ones, subtle ones - what i am saying is you can get pretty much get ones for all shapes and occasions.

There are so many different styles around at the moment - get jumping!

ISSA (from The Outnet) was £695 now £313 / Topshop £32 / H&M £49.99 / T-Bags £90 / A Day In A Life £290 / People Tree £78


When my daughter was 6 weeks old we took her to a wedding in France and i wore a jumpsuit.  

The one i wore was from Whistles and had thin straps that i pulled down over my shoulder when i needed to feed her.  I wore a thin lycra boob tube under it (that i pulled up) and took a scarf with me.  

If anyone is going to a wedding this Spring / Summer i've noticed Whistles has a couple of other good options.

Claribel Frayed Edge Jumpsuit £175 / Adrienne Zip in Pearlised Print £120

Love this navy jumpsuit - it would look super chic with hair up, gold jewellery and red lips.  Or fun with bright shoes, jacket and clutch.

This dress is such a good style for a new mum - not to tight and the zip is perfect for feeding.  I'd wear it with my bright pink tuxedo and some pointed flats.

ASOS £40 / Whistles £140

Shorts and matching jackets (AKA Co-ords) are also a good option - that way you can wear any top under the jacket.

This black and white jumpsuit is a similar style to the one i wore - it would also look cool dressed down with flats and you could wear any colour with it.


Jumpsuits like dungarees can be really good for breastfeeding especially the ones with buttons down the front.  They look cool and as its an all in one you don't have to find a top to wear!

Here are a few long sleeved ones with front opening access.

Same vest trick - open the front of the jump suit, pull vest down, pop nipple out.

Atterley Road £75 / Theory £290 / Gestuz £119 / Whistles £170