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Sometimes i think its hard to know where to start when you are buying jewelry online - especially when you are looking for something around the mid price range. Cheap high street jewelry is easy to find as is super expensive jewelry but for anything in between it is harder to know where to look. 

Magpie on the Run is a jewelry shop selling a high quality, hand crafted collection of necklaces, earrings and rings. Their collection is diverse and unusual and has been carefully curated from around the world.  The designs and designers are interesting and individual.`

Here is some more info on the brand and what the founder Nina thinks we should buy from her new shop:

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Magpie on the Run

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: I launched the company in October 2014, but it had been an idea and passion, which I scribbled in a notebook long ago.

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Self-proclaimed and proud of it jewellery Magpie: Nina Elegba.

WHY WAS IT CREATED: On my travels whether at home or lands further flung I always encounter the most amazing and inspiring jewellery designers. It was reaching the point, were I found it too selfish to keep them all to myself so I launched Magpie on the Run as a retail platform to share with fellow jewellery lovers. Magpies need to adorn themselves with more high quality handcrafted pieces and I'm here to lead the flock.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Magpie on the Run is an online destination to discover and shop the most diverse and inspired emerging jewellery designers. We have carefully curated a collection of covetable designs from a collective of UK and international independent jewellery labels all with interesting stories to tell.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: At Magpie on the Run we take you on a journey from minimalist jewellery right through to those show stopping statement pieces; and we are dropping new designers and fresh pieces throughout the season. Must have pieces is the The Diamond Flat Rings from LA label Delusions of Grandeur and the statement, geometric Aziza necklace from London jewellery brand Chalk which is made from laser cut walnut and acrylic.