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I wear jeans a lot - they are easy, cool, comfortable and practical plus i love denim.

I wear black spotted ones for work with a buttoned up shirt and loafers, i have 'mom' jeans which have allowed me to wear shorter tops than i would have with my skinnies and i also have ripped ones for when i want to look cool!

In the past i have had moments of  'i'm bored of wearing jeans' but once you look at the options within jeans you realise that now more than ever there so many different shapes, colours, patterns and different style jeans around.

I wear skinny jeans a lot, mainly because i have a lot of them and they are easy (currently i'm wearing mine with ankle boots) but apparently they are on the way out of fashion (even though they have been around for 15 years) plus i'm ready for a change so i'm going to start embracing other styles.

The majority of my jeans come from TOPSHOP and that's because i think they do the best on the high street. But I also have a pair of black GOK for Tu Sainsburys's ones which i love and a pair of ripped GAP Girlfriend ones too. 

TOPSHOP have recently launched their MEET YOUR JEANS campaign - where they clearly explain what the characteristics are of each design. They currently have 245 different styles and have increased their Tall, Petit and Maternity range so there really is something for everyone/ shape.

The best way to choose a style that suits you is to try them on - the most important thing is that you like them and feel good in them. And don't assume a style won't suit you and embrace a statement jean - why not?

TOPSHOP ones i have include: The Jamie - these are good because they come up higher on the waist than the Baxter, have more stretch in them and are therefore really comfortable. They are not so good if you don't like tight fitting jeans.

The Mom jean - these are cool because they aren't too tight, and come up higher on the waist and are surprisingly flattering.

TOPSHOP have SO many in at the moment like these:

Indigo Stripe Chino Jeans £45 / Stripe Hem Hayden Jeans £46/ Embroidered Straight Jeans £45 / Indigo Cropped Flared Jeans £36

Then there are many many versions of the above - ripped, patterned, cropped.... Also there isn't one particular style that is overtaking them all.

So basically jeans are (still) in, but what colour and style is entirely up to you. If you like them - wear them! 


Sainsbury's have recently launched Tu (their clothing division) online and to celebrate they gave me spend £100 to update my wardrobe!

As you know i love a opportunity to shop for clothes where i don't usually and surprising people as to where things are from, so i was happy to try out Tu. 

First thing that i noticed is how reasonable it is these loafers are £20, this red coat is £40 and jeans start at £14. I'm not going to lie there are a fair few things that aren't to my taste on the site but saying that i didn't have any trouble finding things i liked.

Apparently a pair of Gok for Tu Jeans is sold every minute - thats a popular jean! I went for some black ones and i have to say they are great (& £28). They come up high enough to be flattering but not too high to be uncomfortable, have a bit of stretch in them and did not loose their shape. They also come in loads of sizes and in small, regular and long which is good.

I also went for a sparkly pencil skirt (obviously), a pack of shape wear vests - i wear vests under everything, they are the perfect item of clothing for when you are breastfeeding. The vest comes down and the top top comes up, i also spotted a shape-wear dress that would work really well under a dress allowing you to breastfeed in that using the same method as the vest. I also got a black lurex t-shirt and a gold jumper - i am a fan of year round sparkly clothes but really step it up around November.

I'm pretty happy with the new editions to my wardrobe, they are all super useful clothes that i can dressed up and down - nice one Sainsbury's.


I have posted about denim skirts before - but they are so useful, easy to wear, make a change from jeans, not as revealing as short denim shorts, comfortable, flattering... etc.

I've been wearing my one with the buttons down the front loads - and incase you think you need one in your wardrobe here are a few that I have spotted recently:

TOPSHOP £32 / TOPSHOP £30 / ZARA £25.99


According to Wikipedia ''Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of women's jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer's figure. This style usually consists of a high waist (rising above the belly button), making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might.' - great!

I have recently joined the Mum jean team - i wasn't sure at first but now i'm in.  They come up higher on the waist than a lot of my other jeans and slightly shorter in the leg.  I've found them easy to wear and style, and they have allowed me to wear shorter tops that i've otherwise been avoiding. 

Perhaps my bum does look 'disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter' than usual but i don't care because i can't see it and neither can anyone else when i bend over in soft play.

Topshop (same as mine) £40 / ASOS £48 / Dr Denim £49 / H&M £30 


I haven't worn flares for a while, i remember wearing them at uni and i remember the backs of them always being really frayed and thinking that was cool.  I don't think thats cool anymore but i think i think that flares could be.

I recently purchased these from H&M - i like them because i won't have to wear heels with them (something that i very rarely wear), the high waist is flattering on my not very flat belly and because they are not skinny jeans - which i am still wearing but am pretty bored of.

Here are some other wider legged style flared jeans that if i was building a collection i might add to it.

Topshop £40 / Stella McCartney (dream) £255 / MiH Jeans (LOVE everything about this brand) £185 / Mango £40 / H&M (same as mine) £25 / Zara £60