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Above all fashion I like to be comfortable in what i'm wearing - you never know when you might need to run, jump or dance so it is always good have the correct footwear just in case. For that reason I tend to wear flat shoes more than heels. I do love the look of heels and wear them for special occasions and when i'm in the mood, but I find that I can't last that long before they start to hurt and I end up taking them off anyway; so more often than not I go straight for the flat option.

There are so many good colours and styles of flat shoe around at the moment - but my black pointed ballet flats are one of the most useful pair of shoes that I own, they have seen me from meetings to playgrounds to parties and go with everything.

Back in the day when I used to wear heels (and go out) more, I would ALWAYS take a pair of flats in my bag. I remember one Christmas my mum giving me these amazing shoes that folded in half. They were called Butterfly Twists and they were brilliant, I took them everywhere - in my handbag to nightclubs (oh so long ago!), on holiday and kept them in my desk drawer at work.


Butterfly Twists are a shoe brand that has been around since 2009, they were founded by two brothers and two friends (guys) after one of them lost a bet in which they had to spend an evening wearing high heels. He sympathised with the pain these shoes caused the women who usually wore them and spotted a gap in the market for an alternative.  So without any prior knowledge in the women's footwear business the four friends set to create a company that did the opposite - make comfortable, versatile easy to wear (flat) shoes. 

CHLOE shoe £35

Their shoes are defiantely comfortable - the soles are soft and squashy as are the leather and fabrics they use. All the shoes come with a little bag to carry them in plus they are flexible so are perfect for when you are travelling or stashing in your hand bag/ nappy bag when you are out and about.

They come in loads of different designs and colours and they are fairly priced. If you are looking for some easy to wear ballet pumps then defiantely check them out (they have some new leopard print ones I love). 


Nothing looks better than a person having fun and if your shoes are hurting this won't be you - so my advice is always wear comfortable shoes (or at least take some with you that are!).


This post is kindly sponsored by Butterfly Twists. All thoughts and ideas are my own. My mum genuinely bought me a pair years ago that I loved!


I came across Rogues one evening while getting lost in Instagram and now i'm obsessed. They are such cool, happy and comfortable looking shoes! I rarely wear heels but still love a statement, colourful shoe so these tick a lot of boxes for me.

Rogues are designed in London and manufactured in Portugal, they are like a cross between a trainer and a brogue. I can't wait to get some (but which colour?).

Here is some more info about this new brand and if you ask me its one to watch:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: Launched May 2015


WHY WAS IT CREATED: Designer and founder Katie Harland entered into the shoe business following years of frustration at the inability to find the perfect flat shoe: pumps were un supportive, heels uncomfortable, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. Rogues provided a well-made, supportive alternative to all this. With added swag. Her background in advertising has formed an invaluable foundation on which to build a solid business plan, whilst her artistic education at The Slade and the School of Communication Arts 2.0 has given her a wealth of creative inspiration and contacts.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Rogues were born from a desire to create footwear that's not only functional, but elegant and full of character. A love-child from the colour and comfort of trainers and the craft and credentials of brogues, Rogues should have a firm place in any modern woman's wardrobe. Created from three pieces of leather to form an iconic shape, Rogues are manufactured in Portugal where generations of hand-crafted quality leather goods have been produced. The slight platform, the low cut around the ankle and the almond shape on the toe all ensure that this is both an elegant and flattering shoe, whereas the pick'n'mix laces and wide range of colours place creativity and customisation at the heart of the label. Team all this with classic shades of leather, luxurious pony skin and signature neon laces, and you have a dynamic combination that can't fail to stand out.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Because with Rogues on your feet you can't help but smile.


I'm a big fan of statement, patterned or coloured trousers for both summer and winter. I usually wear mine with a plain coloured top and fun jacket.

I recently wore these rose gold and navy lace printed Boden Party Trousers (now in the Sale) with my Nice Pear shoes (also from Boden but have sold out) a black top from H&M and velvet Topshop bomber jacket

I wore this outfit to a Christmas dinner with friends but i would wear these trousers with a black polo neck and brogues for work or with a white t-shirt or sweatshirt and trainers for a casual lunch. 

Here are some alternative statement trousers and variations of my outfit: