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I haven't worn flares for a while, i remember wearing them at uni and i remember the backs of them always being really frayed and thinking that was cool.  I don't think thats cool anymore but i think i think that flares could be.

I recently purchased these from H&M - i like them because i won't have to wear heels with them (something that i very rarely wear), the high waist is flattering on my not very flat belly and because they are not skinny jeans - which i am still wearing but am pretty bored of.

Here are some other wider legged style flared jeans that if i was building a collection i might add to it.

Topshop £40 / Stella McCartney (dream) £255 / MiH Jeans (LOVE everything about this brand) £185 / Mango £40 / H&M (same as mine) £25 / Zara £60