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Today i'm wearing this super easy, comfortable outfit - its perfect for hanging out with the kids and when the weather is both hot and cold. 

I am loving my new casual summer jacket it's SO useful, i have been slinging it on over everything and will be layering it up when the weather gets cooler.  At first i wasn't convinced about my denim culottes as i reminded myself of myself as a teenager but now i'm over that i love them and wish i bought them sooner! I got this bandana from a market stall for £1.50 and am wearing it around my neck to add a bit of detail.

Elfie has got her summer coat on to its from Baby GAP - also really useful for confused weather, she is also rocking her super cool Pala Mino leggings to.


I have posted about denim skirts before - but they are so useful, easy to wear, make a change from jeans, not as revealing as short denim shorts, comfortable, flattering... etc.

I've been wearing my one with the buttons down the front loads - and incase you think you need one in your wardrobe here are a few that I have spotted recently:

TOPSHOP £32 / TOPSHOP £30 / ZARA £25.99


In case you are interested in buying this outfit - here are the links! (apart from the basket which i bought on holiday in Ibiza). ZX


I recently purchased some denim shorts for my holiday - unbelievably they were the only item of denim clothing i didn't already own (i say this but thinking about it now i do have a few pairs of denim shorts just not any exactly like these!).

I think shorts tend to be more flattering if they fit looser around the thigh and not to tight around the waist/ hips (NO muffin top) also they are more comfortable that way and if they are comfortable you are more likely to wear them.

Mine are from Zara and fit as described above.  I'll be wearing them with a looser fit top, possibly over a swimming costume.  There are LOADS of denim shorts around - some fit higher around the waist like Mom jeans (good for pot belly hiding), some fit looser, longer, tighter, shorter... here are a few i've shortlisted.

Weekday £27 / TOPSHOP £40 / H&M £14.99 / Zara £25.99