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I love dungarees and there is a dungaree for every occasion!  Casual or denim ones are the most popular but there are a few smarter styles and fabrics that would be great to wear for work, dinner or to a party. 

I recent wore these (from Ark £26) cropped, smarter style ones to an event and loved them.  

Here are a couple more smarter dungaree styles that have caught my eye:

Zara £39.99 / Urban Outfitters £66

I wore a black t-shirt under mine, but a shirt or sleeveless top would also work well - it depends what look you want to go for.  My boots are from Clarks V&A Collaboration (£120).

To breastfeed - lift up underneath t-shirt, wear vest underneath that comes down, then dungaree strap comes down or you get access from the side.


There aren't many dresses that are suitable to breastfeed in but the dungaree/ pinafore/ buttons down the front dress is one of them.

These are casual dresses that can be worn in all weathers and with all shoes and you can wear loads of different style tops underneath.

Asos £42 / Topshop £40 / Zara £39.99


Lots of people have been asking me about which dungarees i think are the best.  I have quite a few pairs and they are all slightly different and are good/bad for various reasons.

I don't actually own any H&M ones (i think i think 2 black pairs is enough...?) but i have tired them on and spoken to friends who have them and i reckon they are the best all rounder.  Second place in my opinion Zara, then a close third Topshop.

If anyone has any thoughts, tips or any other dungarees to add to the mix please comment in the box below. 


  • These have a really nice leg shape
  • The fabric feels like its good quality
  • They are great value £29.99
  • The straps and fastenings are good


  • The leg length is good
  • I like the ripped knee but you might not
  • They come up big  - i am size 10 and usually a M in Zara but mine are size S
  • The straps are long, i've had to knot mine
  • They are low on the hips so sometimes if the under top isn't long enough (or straps aren't tight enough) it can poke over the sides
  • £59.99 


  • These come up short in the leg - good with no socks but with socks the 'sock gap' can be a bit annoying - however when its cold i have been wearing tights under mine
  • The bib part fits nicely and comes up to a good place on the chest
  • They have the classic dungaree fastening
  • Straps are thick, stay flat and are adjustable 
  • The ones i have have sold out online but they still have these

Jumpsuits like dungarees can be really good for breastfeeding especially the ones with buttons down the front.  They look cool and as its an all in one you don't have to find a top to wear!

Here are a few long sleeved ones with front opening access.

Same vest trick - open the front of the jump suit, pull vest down, pop nipple out.

Atterley Road £75 / Theory £290 / Gestuz £119 / Whistles £170



I've been told i've been responsible for inspiring many a dungaree purchase - i love them.  They are super comfortable and easy to wear, practical, flattering, make a nice change from jeans and they are great for breastfeeding and tummy hiding.

So if you haven't tried them already go for it (before they go out of fashion!)