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Mothers Love Fashion is a breastfeeding / nursing wear brand that has been designed and developed to fill the gap in the market for easy to wear, fashionable, modern nursing wear. Their premier collection features four styles - three dresses and a jumpsuit, the pieces are simple and can be dressed up or down.

I have and love the black jumpsuit. I wore it to meetings during the day then gave it a breastfeeding test run in the evening and found it so easy - you just lift the top layer up then the slits in the under layer open and milk access is granted! Plus if you are out and about and are worried about exposing yourself the top layer acts as a cover.

Here is some more information from the founder Natalie on how and why it all started.

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: Mothers Love Fashion



WHY WAS IT CREATED: When my daughter was three months old, spring time was approaching and I was finally starting to feel a bit ‘normal’ again after getting to grips with the sleepless nights, establishing breastfeeding and realising I was ready to step away from the baggy tops and jeans/leggings. I wanted to wear dresses again day-to-day and I had loads of occasions coming up that I needed something great to wear, (I wanted to look good and prove that just because I was now a mum I hadn’t ‘let myself go’!) I like a ‘lift up’ style of dressing for breastfeeding, but anything ‘nursing’ I bought or looked at was also maternity, and quite frankly was expensive, boring, frumpy and not my style. I wasn’t pregnant anymore, I didn’t have a bump anymore, and I wanted to dress like ‘me’. I loved the functionality of some of the specialist ‘nursing’ clothes out there, but the designs and style just weren’t me, so I decided to design a range of clothing that mirrored current on-trend styles that any woman would want to wear, but just happened to feature easy- access for breastfeeding.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We’re committed to providing quality, affordable clothing to stylish mums who happen to be breastfeeding. Designed exclusively by us, our styles have been created with breastfeeding mums in mind, not for pregnancy. They’ll last for breastfeeding and beyond.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our debut collection consists of 4 simply stylish versatile styles that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. I particularly love the Jumpsuit as it’s a really unique piece that is unlike any other ‘nursing’ item you’ll find. I also love our boat neck dress for its classic simplicity and mix of comfort & style. Watch this space for new lines currently being developed.



I have written about London brand Riyka before - they are a husband and wife team (Rebecca and Vedran) who make super cool, contemporary clothes in a sustainable and ethical way using reclaimed, organic and (where possible) British made fabrics.

All the clothes are designed in the UK and are made in a fair-wage, sustainable, atelier in Bulgaria. Riyka's designs are timeless, bold, confident and classic and do not follow trends. Their latest collection includes some super cool oversized dresses and interesting, flattering tops.

Brooke dress £137 (I'm wearing size S)

I love Riyka - it's so refreshing to discover brands and wear things that have been created by talented people with integrality, passion and with a strong belief and confidence in what they are doing - and because you can see and feel it in the clothes.

Photographer: Matt Lain photographer and Toni Caroline stylist


One of the many reasons i started my DRESS LIKE A MUM campaign was to make a stand against all the false misconceptions and ideas people have about Mums and motherhood.

Assumptions are made by all kinds of people and companies about how you will behave once you become a Mum and most of them are false. ‘Mums’ often get lumped together as one demographic, but the fact is that there are loads of different types of people and women and therefore Mums. We can’t and shouldn’t all be treated the same. Mums are completely different people to one another and individuals in how we parent, dance, think, eat, live and dress.

DRESS LIKE A MUM is challenging and changing one aspect of these misconceptions about Motherhood - which is that mums can’t dress. Yes we can! We loved clothes and fashion and looking good before we had children so why would we change this?

Dressing like a Mum is about wearing what you like, what you feel good in and what makes you happy. I don’t want to tell people what to wear they can wear whatever they like. But I want to help, remind and inspire women not to loose their love of clothes and who they are once the madness, busyness and massive love for others becomes more important than them.

There are a few things that all Mothers do have in common - one is (obviously) that they have a child (or more) and the other is that we are all awesome, are doing our best and are doing (or dressing!) it our own way.

This Mother’s Day Not On The High Street have launched Mother’s Day the Maverick Way which celebrates ALL the amazing individual Mothers out there doing their thing their way.

Not On The High Street are also running an Instagram competition - all you have to do is share your #MaverickMum moment (these moments happen to Mums multiple times throughout the day - some are bigger than others but all these moments are important) with the # for the chance to win £500 NOTHS vouchers. (There will be a total of 3 winners).

Here are a few Maverick Mums that i have had the pleasure and honour of getting to know recently. The thing that brought us together was that we all have children, but the thing that keeps us together is our maverick-ness!