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I often accidentally / subconsciously dress my children in very similar outfits to what i am wearing.  I guess its because i have thought about what i want to wear that day and then i have projected it onto everyone else i'd be dressing. Or that basically i dress like a kid sometimes. 

I also quite often get clothes envy from my children's outfit - for example my daughters giraffe print tracksuit bottoms, star covered jeans, mini mouse jumper, Indikidual banana covered playsuit - i wish they came in my size!  

Anyway here are a few things that do come in both my size and my kids - so look out for me and my matching kids!

The Bright Company £40 - £20 / Selfish Mother £25 - £18


Since having children i've been more conscious of the fact that sometimes i dress like one.  But i don't mind - i often get outfit envy from kids clothes.

There are loads of cool, fun sweatshirts around at the moment that if you shrunk could be what you are dressing your children in.  They are easy to wear (and wash) and the kids will love them.

Lu Lu & Co sale £30 / ASOS £35 / ASOS DISNEY £30 / Wildfox £99 / ASOS £30 / Alice Takes A Trip £35 / Gestuz £99