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Fox in a Glove is a new made to measure fashion brand, who also offer a ready to wear collection and a complimentary styling service.

The designs are modern, individual and unusual and are fairly priced. All the clothes are ethically produced by teams of professional seamstresses/seams-men around Europe who ensure the customer achieves an absolute perfect fit.

I really like the idea of this brand, I know so many women who are a different size top to bottom or who just find standard high street sizes hard to shop, so it's great to see someone taking this on especially at a more accessible level.

I'm wearing the Copenhagen dress in pink and orange - it is such great quality and so well made and unsurprisingly is the perfect fit!


Here is what else you need to know about Fox in a Glove:

NAME OF BRAND: Fox in a Glove


BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Klaudia Trzcielinska

WHY WAS IT CREATED: To give buy, modern, 21st Century women the chance to experience made to measure clothes and get their perfect fit! We wanted to bring that retro-inspired experience of having your clothes personally tailored to fit you by a professional seamstress, but with the ease and speed of online shopping. We also offer ready to wear/standard sizes for a win/win shopping experience!

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Fox in a Glove believes that women shouldn't have to conform to a size on a coat hanger - we think you are your perfect size and it's all about getting beautifully-crafted, perfectly fitting clothes to suit your style and make the most of your shape!

We offer online made to measure clothes (and standard sizes too) and unlike bespoke and couture, which is usually associated with a pretty hefty price tag, we offer our clothes at high street price points.

We choose all of our seamstresses personally - they work in progressive workspaces in Europe where they are paid fairly and enjoy what they do (so you can enjoy wearing your clothes too!). We offer high quality, trans-seasonal pieces with fine tailored details in a choice of cool, modern, unusual prints and fabrics which we personally source from around the world.

Elegant, modern womenswear - and a complimentary styling service included. We love to hear from and keep in touch with our clients and we are happy to organise fun shopping gatherings at your home, work or for a weekend brunch where great women can gather to browse, bond and buy.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: This season we think our go-anywhere-do-anything stripey Copenhagen dress, available in two colour ways, channels Scandi-girl cool and will take you from work to drinks to the dance floor :) Or you could match our gorgeous opaque black poncho Berlin top (ideal for breastfeeding as it fastens at the sides with poppers) with our zebra print a-line skirt for a great monochrome look.

@foxinaglove #foxinaglove

Photos of me by: Jane Looker Photography / @janelookerphotography


I have written about London brand Riyka before - they are a husband and wife team (Rebecca and Vedran) who make super cool, contemporary clothes in a sustainable and ethical way using reclaimed, organic and (where possible) British made fabrics.

All the clothes are designed in the UK and are made in a fair-wage, sustainable, atelier in Bulgaria. Riyka's designs are timeless, bold, confident and classic and do not follow trends. Their latest collection includes some super cool oversized dresses and interesting, flattering tops.

Brooke dress £137 (I'm wearing size S)

I love Riyka - it's so refreshing to discover brands and wear things that have been created by talented people with integrality, passion and with a strong belief and confidence in what they are doing - and because you can see and feel it in the clothes.

Photographer: Matt Lain photographer and Toni Caroline stylist


Clary & Peg design and make vintage-inspired maternity clothing.  

Inspired by photographs of their mothers in their maternity clothes, the duo behind the brand spotted a gap in the market for vintage looking maternity wear and have created an easy to wear, classic cool collection - that can be worn with or without a bump.

Here is what Edwina & Johanna (the founders) would like us to know about their brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: May 2013 (A week after the birth of my second child and 5 weeks before the birth of Johanna's)

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED : Edwina Gieve and Johanna Kociejowski (We met heavily pregnant with our first children at an ante-natal class)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: When we were pregnant we struggled to find things to wear that were as stylish and unique as our pre-pregnant everyday clothes. Mostly we felt that we had to compromise and make do, so we wanted to create a collection that allowed women to enjoy dressing when pregnant and to feel fashionable regardless of how big their bump was. We wanted to create clothes that women want to wear even if they are not pregnant. We also both wear a lot of vintage and there was nothing out there that married "vintage" and "maternity". We were inspired by pictures of our Mum's in dungarees and smock tops, we felt that it was a niche that needed to be filled.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We design and make vintage-inspired maternity wear. All our clothes have been designed so they can be worn with or without a bump. It is very important to us that we are designing clothes that women will want to wear even when they are not pregnant. Our clothes are manufactured in London.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Key pieces for this season - Pinafore, Shirt-dress, Swing top, Jumpsuit. All work through all stages of pregnancy and after. All suitable for breast feeding and very versatile, can be worn everyday and dressed up or down. Staple pieces that that are both comfortable, stylish and unique.


I recently meet Polly from new maternity brand Just Polly. Just Polly is a capsule collection of simple, stylish maternity staples - but that you could also wear post/pre pregnancy and that you can breastfeed in. Made in the UK the pieces are great quality and very versatile they can be dressed up and down and would be perfect for anything from weddings to work.

Here is some more info and what Polly needs you to know about her brand:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: from concept April 2013 - launch date October 2015


WHY WAS IT CREATED: There were so many different scenarios around me with women finding it difficult to find stylish maternity wear & also nursing clothes for easy breastfeeding. From my sister giving birth and shortly after attending 4 weddings that summer, she had to find rooms to ‘hide’ in, take off her dress and basically strip down naked to breastfeed and i thought to myself there must be an easier way? Another friend at a wedding was without her baby in tow and had to also strip down in a toilet cubicle to express her milk. Then the idea came about at work from a hair and make up artist, she was pregnant and we would chat away on shoots about how she struggled to find good maternity wear that fitted properly & also her frustration with still wanting to look fashionable at work. She said she felt really unfashionable and frumpy especially working on fashion shoots. Another colleague refused point blank to come to the Christmas party because she felt ‘like a whale’ and there were no good maternity party worthy clothes. Talking to more and more women around me of how they struggled to find any maternity clothes that were stylish and practical, i felt compelled to create Just Polly so women could still feel fashionable and comfortable for during and after pregnancy with clothes which would reflect their personal style.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: The Just Polly collection is manufactured in the UK and each piece is named after a friend, family member or someone involved in the creation of Just Polly. Each fabric is carefully sourced using quality fabrics from all over the World. Often weeks are spent sourcing the perfect fabrics until i can get exactly what i have in my mind for that piece.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Just Polly is a quality, stylish and practical maternity wear without looking like ‘maternity wear.’ Some of the pieces in the collection are staple forever pieces so you won’t be throwing them away post birth, you’ll have longer wear from the collection with nursing in mind. Although Just Polly is not a slave to trends we will always keep you up to date so you look and feel your best during and after pregnancy. Also, some of our prints are Limited Edition so you shouldn’t be turning up to that wedding in the same dress as other pregnant guests!


I recently wore this awesome sweatshirt from a brand called RIYKA.  Founded by a super creative husband & wife team Riyka is ethical and sustainable and awesome.

Here is what Rebecca (the wife) thinks we need to know about RIYKA:



BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Rebecca Johnson & Vedran Kulic (husband and wife)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: We felt that we needed a place to express our creativity, and what we have to say about the world.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We strive to create sustainably, using ethical fabrics as much as possible, and also creating timeless fashion, trying to avoid the fast fashion trend race.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our best selling Yaye jumper, which we bring back every season, the new season April dress, and my favourite Billy jumper.


There is a lot of tie-dye around at the moment - at first i wasn't sure, i think because it reminds me of my (not so cool) teenage style.  But now i'm kind of in to it again, its got a cool-hippy-rock thing to it that no other print has. 

If you are feeling crafty then you could try doing it yourself or you could give bleach tie-dye a go which looks a bit less messy.  Alternatively you could get one of these dresses pre-dyed from the shops - no mess at all man. Peace out.

Tie-dye is not just for grown ups.


Here are a few alternatives to the ASOS denim dress i was wearing today (sorry got mine a couple of months ago).  

The halter neck one and the off the shoulder one would be breastfeeding friendly. 

ASOS £42 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £40


I love a summer smock dress, its such a useful thing to have on holiday.  If you are pregnant this can be a great style of dress to invest in as it works well with a bump (with leggings if its to short), then its super comfortable to wear afterwards.

I recently got this one from ASOS its really light weight and cool (temperature and looking). 

Here are some alternatives:

Little White Lies £95 / ASOS £25 / Jovonna £55 / Zara £35.99 


There aren't many dresses that are suitable to breastfeed in but the dungaree/ pinafore/ buttons down the front dress is one of them.

These are casual dresses that can be worn in all weathers and with all shoes and you can wear loads of different style tops underneath.

Asos £42 / Topshop £40 / Zara £39.99


Off the shoulder tops and dresses are in at the moment.  You can wear the tops with pretty much anything, there are a lot of cool looser styles around as well as tighter ones that could work under dungarees.   To breast feed the neck can be easily pulled down (dress) or a top can be pulled up (worn with lycra boob tube underneath).  

I recently posted a photo of me wearing The Honey dress from the AG Jeans Alexa Chung collection.  Its a really cool dress, loose fitting and flattering.  I wore it with trainers but i expect i will wear it with sandals and wooden heels to.

Showing your shoulders off can be a nice and flattering way of exposing a bit of skin and feeling summery without feeling to naked/ exposed. 

ASOS £20 / Zara £25.99 / ASOS £30 / H&M £29.99 / Glamorous £22 / Glamorous £22


When my daughter was 6 weeks old we took her to a wedding in France and i wore a jumpsuit.  

The one i wore was from Whistles and had thin straps that i pulled down over my shoulder when i needed to feed her.  I wore a thin lycra boob tube under it (that i pulled up) and took a scarf with me.  

If anyone is going to a wedding this Spring / Summer i've noticed Whistles has a couple of other good options.

Claribel Frayed Edge Jumpsuit £175 / Adrienne Zip in Pearlised Print £120

Love this navy jumpsuit - it would look super chic with hair up, gold jewellery and red lips.  Or fun with bright shoes, jacket and clutch.

This dress is such a good style for a new mum - not to tight and the zip is perfect for feeding.  I'd wear it with my bright pink tuxedo and some pointed flats.

ASOS £40 / Whistles £140

Shorts and matching jackets (AKA Co-ords) are also a good option - that way you can wear any top under the jacket.

This black and white jumpsuit is a similar style to the one i wore - it would also look cool dressed down with flats and you could wear any colour with it.


When I was pregnant with my first baby I wish I thought more about the maternity wear clothes i'd bought.  I think I had just assumed I'd be wearing my clothes pre bump while i was on maternity leave and had a bit of a shock that I still couldn't wear my wardrobe one of the reasons being i needed quick access to my nipps!

These denim dresses could be worn while you are pregnant and beyond...

ASOS £40 / Vivienne Westwood £275 / ASOS WHITE £65 / MIH JEANS £98