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It's denim jacket season! I love a denim jacket - they are so useful, perfect for over summer dresses, with jeans, skirts - basically everything!

There are so many good ones around at the moment - different shapes/ styles, ripped ones, embroidered ones, coloured ones, tasseled ones, tight ones, baggy ones...

Here are a few of my favourites:

& Other Stories £65 / ZARA £49.99

& Other Stories £69 / MiH Jeans £162. 50 (was £325)

H&M £34.99 / Etré Celine £250


I can't remember a time in my life when I haven't worn jeans. I have had purple Levis that I used to go to get from Kensington Market aged 16. I then progressed to flares - with dirty, wet, ripped bottoms; there was a phase of big baggy ones worn on my hips with a studded belt and platform trainers and then there were the skinnies that I was wary of at first but that stuck around for a while.

Right now the denim landscape is ruleless! Jeans come in all shapes and styles, they are cropped, straight, moms, boyfriends, ripped, frayed and everything in between. This is a good thing because jeans are great . They can be dressed up and down and it is currently acceptable to wear them (more or less) everywhere. They are durable, washable, flattering, look better with age, plus there is a style for everyone.

TOPSHOP for a long time has been my go to place for jeans. I like the quality of the denim and all the different styles they have that they constantly update and add to. 

Here are my current top 3 styles:


Coincidentally I have only started wearing Mom jeans since becoming a Mum - i'm not sure why this is but I do know that I like the high waist which has proved invaluable when bending down to play with the kids on the floor (no mum-bum). They are also great for hiding the mum-tum both things that you might not have considered if you are not a mother (or someone who bends down a lot or rolls on the floor!).

I love the patchwork panels on these, it makes them a bit more interesting and more of a statement than the plain versions.

Patchwork Panel Mom Jeans £50 / Dropped Hem Jacquard Blouse by Boutique £59


I love these (and this whole outfit), they are such a useful style - perfect for the UK's not hot but not cold summer weather. Personally I would wear these with flat sandals or trainers, but they would look cool with a sequin top and pointed flats too.

Mid Blue Cropped Wide Leg Jeans £40 / 1972 Tshirt £15 / FALCON Buckle Sliders £39 / SWIFT Chunky Cateye Sunglasses £18


If you are still stuck in your skinnies but are tempted to break away then a straight leg is a great transition jean. They are flattering and easy to wear with all types of shoes and ankle boots. I like the simplicity of these and will wear them turned up as well as left to fray.

Blue Raw Hem Straight Leg Jeans £40 / Box Pleat Cold Shoulder Top £45

This post has been kindly sponsored by TOPSHOP + Affiliate Window. As you know my love for TOPSHOP (especially their jeans) is real and genuine as are all the words and thoughts in this post.


I'm a massive fan of LF Markey I love all of her clothes. Her designs appear simple but they are actually so innovative and well cut. You can style her clothes in so many different ways and wear them for so many different occasions.  They are the type of pieces you invest in and have your whole life.

Her Instagram feed is also amazing - it's so perfectly put together and curated it is one of my favourite accounts.

Here is what the L (Louise) in LF Markey would like us to know about her brand:




WHY WAS IT CREATED: I have always loved, collected and dressed in workwear inspired clothing and couldn’t find anything available in this style. I launched the label after completing my MA at Central Saint Martins, starting initially with a small collection of silk workshirts.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We make ‘Beautiful Clothes for Practical Women’. Workwear is always a big influence, but we also embrace bold colours, minimal geometric shapes, and simple, naive prints and embroideries.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: We do a selection of boilersuits every season and they are considered our signature piece. Other bestsellers are our utility slip dresses, denim collection and embroidered sweaters.


You can probably tell that i love a denim dress - and here is my latest one!  It’s pretty thick denim and so could also be worn open as a jacket, or while its not freezing without a jacket over it as a dress and when it gets colder with tights, a chunky knit cardigan and a woolly hat. 

I'm also wearing my new Clarks silver boots - like Mum dressing some brands can get a bad rep, i think this is true of Clarks.  Clarks has some super cool, good quality shoes but people dismiss it as a brand without having a proper look.  My boots are part of the Clarks & V&A Collaboration  which is a collection of shoes and boots inspired by different decades in fashion history.



To breastfeed i would wear a long vest (like this H&M one) underneath or a lycra dress - i'd unbutton the dress and pull up or down the vest.

I've got red lipstick on and gold hoop earrings on to. 


Today i'm wearing this super easy, comfortable outfit - its perfect for hanging out with the kids and when the weather is both hot and cold. 

I am loving my new casual summer jacket it's SO useful, i have been slinging it on over everything and will be layering it up when the weather gets cooler.  At first i wasn't convinced about my denim culottes as i reminded myself of myself as a teenager but now i'm over that i love them and wish i bought them sooner! I got this bandana from a market stall for £1.50 and am wearing it around my neck to add a bit of detail.

Elfie has got her summer coat on to its from Baby GAP - also really useful for confused weather, she is also rocking her super cool Pala Mino leggings to.


I have posted about denim skirts before - but they are so useful, easy to wear, make a change from jeans, not as revealing as short denim shorts, comfortable, flattering... etc.

I've been wearing my one with the buttons down the front loads - and incase you think you need one in your wardrobe here are a few that I have spotted recently:

TOPSHOP £32 / TOPSHOP £30 / ZARA £25.99


Here are a few alternatives to the ASOS denim dress i was wearing today (sorry got mine a couple of months ago).  

The halter neck one and the off the shoulder one would be breastfeeding friendly. 

ASOS £42 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £40


I recently purchased some denim shorts for my holiday - unbelievably they were the only item of denim clothing i didn't already own (i say this but thinking about it now i do have a few pairs of denim shorts just not any exactly like these!).

I think shorts tend to be more flattering if they fit looser around the thigh and not to tight around the waist/ hips (NO muffin top) also they are more comfortable that way and if they are comfortable you are more likely to wear them.

Mine are from Zara and fit as described above.  I'll be wearing them with a looser fit top, possibly over a swimming costume.  There are LOADS of denim shorts around - some fit higher around the waist like Mom jeans (good for pot belly hiding), some fit looser, longer, tighter, shorter... here are a few i've shortlisted.

Weekday £27 / TOPSHOP £40 / H&M £14.99 / Zara £25.99


There aren't many dresses that are suitable to breastfeed in but the dungaree/ pinafore/ buttons down the front dress is one of them.

These are casual dresses that can be worn in all weathers and with all shoes and you can wear loads of different style tops underneath.

Asos £42 / Topshop £40 / Zara £39.99


Lots of people have been asking me about which dungarees i think are the best.  I have quite a few pairs and they are all slightly different and are good/bad for various reasons.

I don't actually own any H&M ones (i think i think 2 black pairs is enough...?) but i have tired them on and spoken to friends who have them and i reckon they are the best all rounder.  Second place in my opinion Zara, then a close third Topshop.

If anyone has any thoughts, tips or any other dungarees to add to the mix please comment in the box below. 


  • These have a really nice leg shape
  • The fabric feels like its good quality
  • They are great value £29.99
  • The straps and fastenings are good


  • The leg length is good
  • I like the ripped knee but you might not
  • They come up big  - i am size 10 and usually a M in Zara but mine are size S
  • The straps are long, i've had to knot mine
  • They are low on the hips so sometimes if the under top isn't long enough (or straps aren't tight enough) it can poke over the sides
  • £59.99 


  • These come up short in the leg - good with no socks but with socks the 'sock gap' can be a bit annoying - however when its cold i have been wearing tights under mine
  • The bib part fits nicely and comes up to a good place on the chest
  • They have the classic dungaree fastening
  • Straps are thick, stay flat and are adjustable 
  • The ones i have have sold out online but they still have these

According to Wikipedia ''Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of women's jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer's figure. This style usually consists of a high waist (rising above the belly button), making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might.' - great!

I have recently joined the Mum jean team - i wasn't sure at first but now i'm in.  They come up higher on the waist than a lot of my other jeans and slightly shorter in the leg.  I've found them easy to wear and style, and they have allowed me to wear shorter tops that i've otherwise been avoiding. 

Perhaps my bum does look 'disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter' than usual but i don't care because i can't see it and neither can anyone else when i bend over in soft play.

Topshop (same as mine) £40 / ASOS £48 / Dr Denim £49 / H&M £30 


I haven't worn flares for a while, i remember wearing them at uni and i remember the backs of them always being really frayed and thinking that was cool.  I don't think thats cool anymore but i think i think that flares could be.

I recently purchased these from H&M - i like them because i won't have to wear heels with them (something that i very rarely wear), the high waist is flattering on my not very flat belly and because they are not skinny jeans - which i am still wearing but am pretty bored of.

Here are some other wider legged style flared jeans that if i was building a collection i might add to it.

Topshop £40 / Stella McCartney (dream) £255 / MiH Jeans (LOVE everything about this brand) £185 / Mango £40 / H&M (same as mine) £25 / Zara £60