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Smart coats defiantly do not have to be black. You might think it is a good idea to go for black most probably because it 'goes with everything' and 'won't show up the dirt'. BUT when you wear a coat it covers most of your outfit anyway so there is nothing it needs to match, also loads of colours go with everything and there is nothing wrong with not matching.

The coat is the thing that you will wear most of during the winter, it will be the first item of your outfit that people will see so make it good!

Here are a few (defiantly not black) smart coats that have caught my eye:

SONIA BY SONIA RYKIEL £244 / M&S £129 / COS £150 / & Other Stories £165 / Zara £80 / ASOS £85 / Essential Antwerp £345 / M&S £99


Next up in THE MUM COAT series is the FAKE FUR.  Fake Fur jackets are cool if you want to make a bit of a statement, want to wear something fun and have another jacket for when its raining.  They are usually pretty warm and surprisingly go with most things, kids love them too as you resemble a teddy bear.

My black jacket is from TOPSHOP - it is made from different textures of fur which adds texture which i like.

There are so many different styles, colours and cool fake furs around at the moment, if you've been thinking about getting one this is the season!

M&S £85 / TDS £110 / River Island £95 / ZARA £70 / M&S £99 / M&S £89

If you don't fancy committing to a whole far fur jacket then go for an accessory instead. Like a bag, scarf, hat or pompom.

TOPSHOP £10 (was £32) / ZARA £25.99 / ASOS £35 / M&S £8



I'm going to do a series of posts on coats - there are so many different styles around this season and anything goes.  It depends on your budget, situation, what you like and your coat requirements as to what type you should go for.  

I've divided them up into different coat categories:






First up is the classic winter MUM COAT. If you are on maternity leave at the moment or you are going to be spending a lot of time out and about in all weathers this winter then this is the coat you'll need.  

The Classic Mum Coat is practical and has to:

  1. Be warm

  2. Have a hood

  3. Preferably it has to cover your bum and the top of your legs

  4. Be waterproof

  5. Be durable and hard wearing

  6. You have to like it - you will be wearing it a lot

My coat is by super cool snowboarding brand Burton (£130).  I am a massive fan of Burton - their clothes and products always have such great attention to detail, are great quality and because they are a winter sports brand they really understand technically what fabrics work the best in cold weather. 

Here are a few others that match the MUM COAT CRITERIA:

TOPSHOP £98 / PARKA LONDON £265 / Zara £59.99 / Sessun £250