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I don't enjoy being cold - especially due to not wearing the right clothes. I used to live in the mountains so i can appreciate the benefits of investing in clothes and brands that are experts at keeping out the cold.

One of the warmest jackets you can buy is a down jacket: A down jacket is a warm jacket that is filled with the soft feathers of a duck or goose, and the outer layer is usually made of materials like nylon or polyester. Down, the soft feathers mentioned, are usually taken from the breasts and wings of the duck or goose.

This is my amazing super warm down jacket from Burton Snowboards - it's designed to be worn in the snow so if you are looking for a cosy coat to withstand the cold then this one will defiantly do that. Plus it's reversible so its kind of like having 2 coats in one!  (comes in 3 colours and fits big).

Down jackets can be expensive and they vary massively in quality, generally speaking the more you spend the better quality of down you get and the warmer the coat. However they are an investment that you'll use every year. Here are a few more down jackets that look cool but are warm!

eBay have got some tips on buying a down jacket here.


So as you've probably noticed i am a leopard print lover. I wear leopard print as a neutral ie. i believe that it goes with everything and can spice up and add cool to an otherwise plain outfit. For this reason i think its good to have leopard print accessories and coats, that way you can wear them with jeans, dresses, colours, blacks, patterns etc. 

Here are a few leopard print things that have caught my eye lately and that i think would go with everything you put them with.

TOPSHOP £89 / French Sole £95 / Sarah Baily £115 / ASOS £8 / Happy Plugs £34.99 / Whistles £45


There are a lot of cool Bomber Jackets around at the moment - the perfect jacket for inter-season.

Whistles £220 / TOPSHOP £65 / Etre Cecil £84 / MCQ ALEXANDER MCQUEEN £176 (was £390) / Self Portrait £240 / MARKUS LUPFER £165


Its raining, its not hot, it not cold but its wet - the coat you need is a rain mac.

I love my yellow one its been so useful - its really comfortable (soft lining), got massive pockets (full of old oat cakes), a hood and its really waterproof!  Its perfect for pushing the buggy in the rain - which is the season we are coming in to.

I've spotted a few others that would also make going out in the rain a bit more fun and a bit less wet.

Lazy Oaf £135 / Burton Snowboards £80 / Michael Michael Kors £234 (was £585) / Parka London £145 / BDG £20 (was £79) Iris & Ink £195 /  £875 (was £1750) / Stella McCartney £664 (was £1664)




After dropping a lot of hints/bribes/threats i was lucky enough to get a black leather biker jacket for Mother's Day.  I have been after one for ages and did a lot of research to find the perfect one.

I do not buy fake leather bags or jackets (unless they are by Stella McCartney - which i never buy because i can't afford).  From experience i have learnt that they are things i regret buying and never wear, they don't last,  and for me end up being false economy.  Also i never buy jackets so they fit large - if you are between sizes always go smaller with a jacket, especially with a leather one.

Zara £150 / Topshop £220 / Karen Millen £350 / Whistles £350