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It is no secret i love shiny metallic things and one of the many good things about Christmas is that there are a lot of sparkly, shiny things around to buy. I believe that sparkly/ metallic/lurex (whatever you like to call it) can and should be worn all year round and not just around the festive period. However it is around this time of year that you can get some good ones. 

I have a tradition (excuse) that every year i buy a new sparkly jumper so i have quite a collection. Here are four very different style and shape sparkly jumpers that have caught my magpie eye this year:

TOPSHOP £32 / TOPSHOP £36 / H&M £19.99 / M&S £22.50


Its sparkly Christmas party outfit season so i thought i'd do a quick round up of some outfits that are cool AND breastfeeding and bump friendly.


Jumpsuits are great to wear if you are breastfeeding and if you have just had a baby. They are flattering, easy to wear and versatile - you can dress them up and down and wear them for loads of different occasions.

Look out for ones that are loose around the waist - or have a waist that is adjustable and that open up at the front or are cut low at the front. High or tight waisted are not comfortable or flattering on the mum tum and ones with high necks or that do up at the back won't work for breastfeeding.

Wear a vest underneath - the vest comes up or down and the jumpsuit opens. You could either wear a vest the same colour as the jumpsuit or i have a leopard print one that i wear under every colour/ pattern.

Here are a couple that'd be good - you could wear them with a bright coloured or sparkly jacket on top, red lips and some cool shoes.

If like a lot of people you are a different size on your top than on your bottom or if you have found it hard to find a jumpsuit that fits, you could try getting a matching trouser to shirt / top. This gives the illusion of wearing a jumpsuit but without the fitting issues.


These two dresses are maternity / nursing / non-maternity dresses so would be a great investment if you are pregnant this Christmas. You 'd be able to wear them everywhere - to work, pub, parties etc. They are designed to breastfeed in so you just lift the top panel. 

Other dresses to look out for are shirt dresses that open at the front or thin strapped dresses - where you pull the strap down over your shoulder to breastfeed. Alternatively you can wear a looser fitting dress then wear another slip type dress underneath it and use the same tecnique as the vest (top dress up, bottom dress down).



Wearing a matching top and skirt is a great outfit to wear if you are breastfeeding - it gives the illusion of wearing a dress but it is in two parts. Also if you are a different dress size on the top and bottom of your body then this is a way to get around the sizing problems of a dress.

You can either wear the top tucked in or out depending on how much you want to draw attention to your waist. Wear a vest underneath that comes down then the top top comes up.


A cool statement jacket is a great way to jazz up an outfit. These kind of jackets are designed to be worn open so it doesn't matter what size your bump or breasts are. You can wear them with jeans and a t-shirt or over a dress but they are an easy way to dress up an outfit.

Remember do not let breastfeeding, a baby, a mum tum or a negative attitude get in the way of a good outfit this Christmas.