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Mamas Little Secret was founded by a breastfeeding mum who was looking for something flattering, comfortable and fashionable to wear while breastfeeding - and when she couldn't find anything she liked in the shops, she decided to make her own!

Here the founder (and above mentioned breastfeeding mum) Keely tells us what we should know about her brand Mamas Little Secret.

NAME OF BRAND/COMPANY: mamas little secret

DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: July 2013- however due to our twins being born that month, all came to a stand still and the website went live the following year - July 2014


WHY WAS IT CREATED: When I breastfed my first baby, I found it a struggle what to wear everyday….torn between ease and comfort which often meant me loosing my identity (wearing something I would usually wear, to be able to feed in public). So I bought myself a sewing machine and made a few tops, that were flattering, and gave me confidence to feed out and about, in fabric I would felt myself in.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: On trend breast feeding tops, because easy access breast feeding shouldn’t mean mamas style shouldn’t be compromised

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: The Moli style top is proving to be the best seller. its perfect for summer and great for layering in the winter


Here are a few alternatives to the ASOS denim dress i was wearing today (sorry got mine a couple of months ago).  

The halter neck one and the off the shoulder one would be breastfeeding friendly. 

ASOS £42 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £35 / ASOS £40


I recently purchased some denim shorts for my holiday - unbelievably they were the only item of denim clothing i didn't already own (i say this but thinking about it now i do have a few pairs of denim shorts just not any exactly like these!).

I think shorts tend to be more flattering if they fit looser around the thigh and not to tight around the waist/ hips (NO muffin top) also they are more comfortable that way and if they are comfortable you are more likely to wear them.

Mine are from Zara and fit as described above.  I'll be wearing them with a looser fit top, possibly over a swimming costume.  There are LOADS of denim shorts around - some fit higher around the waist like Mom jeans (good for pot belly hiding), some fit looser, longer, tighter, shorter... here are a few i've shortlisted.

Weekday £27 / TOPSHOP £40 / H&M £14.99 / Zara £25.99


Lots of people have been asking me about which dungarees i think are the best.  I have quite a few pairs and they are all slightly different and are good/bad for various reasons.

I don't actually own any H&M ones (i think i think 2 black pairs is enough...?) but i have tired them on and spoken to friends who have them and i reckon they are the best all rounder.  Second place in my opinion Zara, then a close third Topshop.

If anyone has any thoughts, tips or any other dungarees to add to the mix please comment in the box below. 


  • These have a really nice leg shape
  • The fabric feels like its good quality
  • They are great value £29.99
  • The straps and fastenings are good


  • The leg length is good
  • I like the ripped knee but you might not
  • They come up big  - i am size 10 and usually a M in Zara but mine are size S
  • The straps are long, i've had to knot mine
  • They are low on the hips so sometimes if the under top isn't long enough (or straps aren't tight enough) it can poke over the sides
  • £59.99 


  • These come up short in the leg - good with no socks but with socks the 'sock gap' can be a bit annoying - however when its cold i have been wearing tights under mine
  • The bib part fits nicely and comes up to a good place on the chest
  • They have the classic dungaree fastening
  • Straps are thick, stay flat and are adjustable 
  • The ones i have have sold out online but they still have these

According to Wikipedia ''Mom jeans is a humorously pejorative term for a specific type of fit of women's jeans, considered to be both unfashionable, and unflattering to the wearer's figure. This style usually consists of a high waist (rising above the belly button), making the buttocks appear disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter than they otherwise might.' - great!

I have recently joined the Mum jean team - i wasn't sure at first but now i'm in.  They come up higher on the waist than a lot of my other jeans and slightly shorter in the leg.  I've found them easy to wear and style, and they have allowed me to wear shorter tops that i've otherwise been avoiding. 

Perhaps my bum does look 'disproportionately longer, larger, and flatter' than usual but i don't care because i can't see it and neither can anyone else when i bend over in soft play.

Topshop (same as mine) £40 / ASOS £48 / Dr Denim £49 / H&M £30 


I was recently in a large sports shop and asked the shop assistant where about the trainers were, she asked me what type of trainers I was looking for - running? aerobics? cross trainers?  I replied - fashion?

I'm pretty happy that trainers with everything is in fashion at the moment.  I'm a big love of trainers (with everything).  

At the moment i like white ones like these.

Adidas Honey Lo £50 / Stan Smith £75 / Nike Air Force 1s £70 / Reebok £55


When I was pregnant with my first baby I wish I thought more about the maternity wear clothes i'd bought.  I think I had just assumed I'd be wearing my clothes pre bump while i was on maternity leave and had a bit of a shock that I still couldn't wear my wardrobe one of the reasons being i needed quick access to my nipps!

These denim dresses could be worn while you are pregnant and beyond...

ASOS £40 / Vivienne Westwood £275 / ASOS WHITE £65 / MIH JEANS £98


Do not underestimate the comfort, pleasure and enjoyment you'll get from changing into a pair of tracksuit bottoms you LOVE at the end of the day.  Don't settle for boring, ugly ones - chances are they'll be one of your most worn items of clothing!


I am a big fan of denim - dresses, shirts, jeans and jackets.  One of my most useful denim items is my GAP denim shirt.  

At the moment i am wearing it buttoned to the top, while i was pregnant in the summer i wore it open over dresses, its good with skirts, under dungarees, under jumpers, with jeans, you can wear big necklaces over it or long thin chains, its doesn't get to hot when you are pram pushing up massive hills, you don't have to iron it, it looks cool - its a wonder i wear anything else!

Here are some good ones:

GAP: / Levis: / Lee: / Topshop £38


I've been told i've been responsible for inspiring many a dungaree purchase - i love them.  They are super comfortable and easy to wear, practical, flattering, make a nice change from jeans and they are great for breastfeeding and tummy hiding.

So if you haven't tried them already go for it (before they go out of fashion!)