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One of the items of clothing Ralph Lauren is renowned for his classic Polo Shirt. Ralph Lauren designed the original Polo shirt in 1972 after being inspired by the heritage and glamour of polo. He wanted to create a shirt that could be worn everywhere from the city to the beach, that would stand the test of time and that would get better with age. At the time the design and concept was innovative and new, but the style and design has proved itself over the decades by repeatedly being one of their top selling items. 

Ever since I can remember Ralph Lauren's Polo Shirt has been around - i've seen it styled and worn by so many different people (from politicians to pop princesses to the boys I used to hang out with at sixth form college).  Plus it is even soft and stretchy enough to accommodate an 8 month pregnant belly!

There are so many different styles and fits to the classic polo shirt including the Classic, Slim Fit, Boyfriend, Tailored, Sleeveless and more. They come in lots of colours, designs and patterns but all always have the embroidered polo player on the chest.

Ralph Lauren recently asked me how I would style their polo shirt - I've kept it simple with denim dungarees and skinny jeans. I think once my bump has gone (and my waist is back) i'll be tucking it in to a pleated skirt too.

This one is the Men's Custom Slim Fit - it is a loser, classic shape.


This is the Slim Fit women's - I like the way it is tailored in at the waist, the narrow shoulders and the low buttons.

The Polo shirt is a generation-less, timeless piece of clothing which has stood the test of time like nothing else. And, it is having a you have one in your wardrobe?

This post was kindly sponsored by Ralph Lauren.

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