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Ever since starting my DRESS LIKE A MUM campaign 3 years ago I have always expressed the importance of wearing what you want - of wearing what makes you happy and that makes you feel good. You are the most important person in your outfit and if you love it (whatever it is) you will in turn look great and feel more confident.

There seems to be so many pressures and opinions put onto women to dress in a certain way - whether that be dressing your age, to flatter your shape, dressing appropriately or like someone else. Fashion is a form of self expression, it allows you to project whatever image you want into the world and on the people you meet and it is up to you what this image is.

Historically mothers have got a bad reputation for dressing badly - for wearing boring outfits and not taking care of themselves. Three years ago when I started @dresslikeamum everything I found about mum style was negative - the media and internet was full of images and messages painting mum fashion as bad and something to avoid.

Terms like ‘mumsy’ which according to the Oxford Dictionary means ‘Giving an impression of dull domesticity; dowdy or unfashionable’ have been associated with mothers for too long. I’d like to think the way I and all the other mums I know dress - is in the exact opposite way to this description.

Dressing like a mum is now a positive thing, it is something to aspire to because dressing like a mum means wearing whatever you like and whatever makes you happy.

Boden are currently on a similar mission and have enlisted some brilliant women to help them.



I'm a big fan of statement, patterned or coloured trousers for both summer and winter. I usually wear mine with a plain coloured top and fun jacket.

I recently wore these rose gold and navy lace printed Boden Party Trousers (now in the Sale) with my Nice Pear shoes (also from Boden but have sold out) a black top from H&M and velvet Topshop bomber jacket

I wore this outfit to a Christmas dinner with friends but i would wear these trousers with a black polo neck and brogues for work or with a white t-shirt or sweatshirt and trainers for a casual lunch. 

Here are some alternative statement trousers and variations of my outfit: