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It is the start of the Christmas season - which means there are events to attend, presents to buy, shopping to do, discos to dance, food to eat and drinks to drink. And for all of this you will need some good outfits to wear! 

Embodying a positive approach to the season, I’ve partnered with Actimel to show how to #Staystrong when it comes to choosing what to wear. If you are not as prepared as this Santa in Training, then don't worry you still have time. 

Christmas dressing can be super fun and filled with sequins, glitter and glam but for some people the idea of getting party dressed can fill them with dread.

The key to any outfit is that you have to love it and feel good in it - obviously because you are the one wearing it, but the better you feel the more fun you are likely to have and that is essential to having an excellent Christmas.

Here are three outfit ideas that set you up to have the best time ever!



There are loads of great sequin skirts around at the moment, in different styles, colours and budgets so do not assume they aren't for you. They are easy to wear, can be styled in many different ways - with anything from a t-shirt to a velvet top and worn with both heels or flats.

As a sequin skirt is a statement piece so I tend to (but not always) go for a slightly plainer top.

& Other Stories £65 / Warehouse £39


I am a massive fan of jumpsuits / playsuits - they are an easy outfit in one, they look cool and are excellent for dancing in. There are some great ones around at the moment and loads of different styles. If you are ever stuck with what to wear a jumpsuit is always a good option.

One tip for ladies who are a different size top and bottom and can't find one to fit, is to look for a matching top and trousers - this will give to illusion you are wearing a jumpsuit but you will be able to buy them in different sizes.

BOB by DOP £90 (was £180) / Jaeger £99 (was £199) 


There are SO many good dresses around at the moment and so much sparkle - if you haven't already it is time to get involved!

The key is to find one you love and that you feel good in, because if you feel good you will look good too. Go for your favourite colour and look for a flattering style that will suit your shape.

My favourite colour is pink so I was pretty happy to find this one. 

Dress Next £75 / Bag Sarah Baily £145 / Shoes TOPSHOP £69

Zara £49.99 / River Island £45

This post is brought to you in association with Actimel. All thoughts, ideas and opinions are my own.

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