Who doesn’t love cool, beautifully made flats with an edge? We certainly do.

We asked Katie, founder of brand Rogue Matilda to give us some background on the company


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: 2015, with the first full collection launching SS16

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Katie Matilda Harland


WHY WAS IT CREATED: Katie entered the shoe business following years of frustration at the inability to find the perfect flat shoe: pumps were un supportive, trainers unprofessional and traditional brogues unflattering. Rogues provided a fashionable, well-made, alternative to all this. With added sass. She wanted to create a brand that offered reasonably priced luxury shoes for those who cared more about the quality, craft and materials, in juxtaposition to current high street offerings where design is paramount to quality, durability and comfort.


WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: For the Rogue Matilda woman, her city is her catwalk and her style is an expression of her personality. The driving force behind the brand is to create playful flats that are not only comfortable but become the focal point of an outfit. This manifests itself in the use of eclectic materials such as pompoms, velvet, pony-skin and python effect leather, which have all become synonymous with the brands collections. This animalistic aesthetic coupled with premium leathers and suede’s creates the perfect fusion of classic and quirky, with a forever focus on reinventing the brogue.

Grey Brogue 2.jpg

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Buy from us if you want quality flat shoes without the designer price tag (our average price is £149-£185). Your Rogues will make you smile all day long and customers often get in touch to say they get complimented on their shoes every time they wear them out. Additionally due to the fact we have one brogue last and one sneaker last, once you know your size there are no nasty surprises between fit on different styles... so once you go Rogue, you rarely go back!

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