I recently took a trip to Cornwall to visit an awesome shop called Roo's Beach and to attend a fashion show they were hosting at The Bedruthan Hotel where we were staying. I went with a fellow blogger Natalie from Style Me Sunday and we had such a great weekend. It was so good to get out of London and to visit such a beautiful part of Cornwall and of course to discover such an amazing shop!

Roo's Beach is a fashion and lifestyle shop located on a beach on the North coast of Cornwall fairly near Newquay, as well as online at It is a shop that is hard not to love - bursting with bright colours, happy clothes, beautiful people, fun products and cool accessories - it is also hard to leave empty handed.

Roo is the owner and founder of the shop, she is also the buyer and has great taste.  The clothes are wearable, flattering, colourful and fun as are the homewares and accessories.

While we were at the Roo's Beach we styled a few outfits and took a few photos! We literally spent hours in the shop and everywhere we turned found something else to try on. It was great to discover some new brands and a brilliant place for gifts.


Here is some more information from Roo on why she opened her shop and what she thinks we should buy from it!

NAME OF SHOP: Roo’s Beach



WHY WAS IT CREATED: To fill a gap in the market for quality, lifestyle led clothing in Cornwall and the South West,  bringing together exciting brands in a new way, to challenge the concept of a women’s fashion boutique.

We sit Levi’s with Custommade and Penelope Chilvers with Wildfox, our buying is based on colour, print, individualism and the ability to fit into a relaxed lifestyle which we believe translates beyond Cornwall, women are looking for an unstructured look that is often only available to a younger audience.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR SHOP: We carefully curate a collection of clothing, shoes, accessories and lifestyle pieces which change and evolve weekly, there is something for every occasion and we are finding that once people find us they are buying into the whole Roo’s Beach look and feel, we are always looking for new brands and products to add to the collections and try to offer a broad price range so that our offering is affordable to everyone. Some pieces are high end but we believe that these pieces are original and the best quality which therefore justifies their price tag.  I always look at price per wear and know that with my Penelope Chilvers boots they are worth every penny and I love the individual detailing she brings to each shoe and boot she designs.  

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: There is a broad range of products that we sell and I personally select each and every one of them, I therefore find it almost impossible to narrow it down to a key selection, however if pushed these would be my current top pieces - 

American Vintage Shelby Cardigan in Mimosa Yellow - just because it’s not only the best shape but an unreal colour and makes you smile every time you put it on!

Marie Sixtine - Constance Top in Yellow - an easy shape to wear and great with denim.

Levi’s Made and Crafted - Empire - any wash, just the best shape skinny jeans I’ve ever worn.

Penelope Chilvers Jude sandals - a really comfortable platform sandal, tan soft leather, easy height and lightweight heel, perfect for a casual heel!

Bkr - water bottle, can’t live without and has increased my water consumption considerably.

Wildfox - Dynasty Sunglasses, oversized and very glamourous!

DISCOUNT CODE: FUN20 for a 20% discount valid until 9th May, one order per person.