Shepherds London is a new company who distribute Japanese traditional agricultural trousers called Monpe. The Monpe trousers (also known as Japanese Jeans) are ethically and sustainably handmade in Japan and will last for life.

One of the reasons the founder, Sonoko has started to distribute Monpe trousers in the UK is to support the traditional industry - which after 120 years of it's history is dying and she wants and knows it's important to protect and sustain it for future generations.

The trousers are very easy to wear and are very comfortable. They are made from an top quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka Japan so wear well and get softer with age. 

Here is some more information from Sonoko:


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: February 2016

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Sonoko Obuchi (Stage set designer in London, mum of two)

WHY WAS IT CREATED: To introduce Monpe Japanese traditional agricultural trousers to the UK.  Monpe trousers are unisex, and come in Small, Medium and Large sizes.  They are known in Japan as Japanese jeans due to their design and toughness.  I was born deep in the countryside of Fukuoka prefecture where the Monpe trousers have been produced for centuries using fine Kurume Kasuri fabric since the 18th century.  Today there are about 30 traditional workshops creating Kurume Kasuri Monpe.  I have been a fan of Monpe trousers myself since I was a child and I want this amazing folk wear, culture and the craftsmanship to thrive for the future generations.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Shepherds London is the exclusive provider of Kurume Kasuri Monpe trousers in the UK.  Monpe trousers are made of highest quality natural cotton fibre produced only in Fukuoka prefecture, Japan.  Tied, dyed, weaved with love by Japanese artisans, 100% made in Japan.  Once you own a pair of Monpe, you will want to wear them for life, and pass them on to the next generation.  I have passed on the Monpe I wore as a child to my two children who now enjoy wearing their Monpe trousers in London.  Monpe are also great as maternity wear.  The elasticated waist allow for stretching right through the final trimester with comfort.  This is ethical and sustainable fashion.  

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Monpe trousers.  I am so happy that I am able to introduce this ace product in the UK.  When you wear and wash Monpe regularly, it gets softer and softer.  You can move freely and feel ever more comfortable as they wear in.  The comfort of wearing Monpe is addictive once you experience it.  You can nurture our Monpe in your everyday life.  You will fall in love with them, just like your favourite personalised jeans.