My whole family have recently got some shoes from Clarks!  There aren't many shops that the whole family can get their shoes from - especially ones that are great quality, fit well and that we all love (in fact i think Clarks is the only shop).

I went into Clarks to get the kids some shoes - I went there because i know that they measure them properly (length and width) and that the shoes come in half sizes. But while I was in there I spotted A LOT of shoes and boots for me too....! 

Clarks are doing some cool things at the moment - they have done a collaboration with the V&A, Orla Kiely and Soul of Africa - which donate £3 from every shoe to help care for disadvantaged children, including orphans affected by the AIDS pandemic.

I have always had a thing for Clarks, for me its a brand with so much heritage and potential and the products are genuinely such great quality that it is easy to be loyal to and believe in.  Weirdly i discussed my love of Clarks and the potential i see in it as a brand with my midwife Clemmie while i was in labour with my daughter!!!

Anyway if you haven't been into Clarks recently GO - you and everyone in your family will find some shoes you/they LOVE.