Have you ever considered wearing a leather skirt? If you haven't you should because leather skirts are cool - they make a statement without being to over the top, they exude confidence and are very versatile.

I have recently purchased my second leather skirt - the first one i got from ebay, it was a TOPSHOP one that cost me £10. I decided that i'd buy a secondhand one to see if i liked it and because i couldn't afford to buy a new one at the time.  Anyway i loved it, wore it loads all year around, to work, to parties, to dinners and so i decided to invest in another new one and i love it. A good quality leather skirt in a classic shape is something that you'll have in your wardrobe forever, its an investment/staple.

TOPSHOP (same as mine) £130 / M&S £149 / LINDEX £149 / H&M £79.99/  ASOS CURVE £80