My favourite colour is fuchsia pink and i love jumpsuits so when i was in TOPSHOP and i saw a fuchsia pink jumpsuit i literally yelped for joy! When i went to pay for it i even told the shop assistant how happy and excited i was about finding it and that it was my perfect item of clothing - i think she was pretty happy for me to!

I wore it to a party the other night, but i would also wear it to meetings, work, weddings - i would wear it everyday if i could but my Instagram might get a bit repetitive.

Here is an outfit idea for a wedding - the pink Sarah Baily bag is made to go with it (the silver and pink version would also work perfectly), the silver shoes i am wearing were my Terry de Havilland wedding shoes - they are expensive but so comfortable and FUN.  The elephant necklace costs £23,000 - unlikely that i'll ever own it but if i did i'd wear it with this outfit.