While looking for the perfect black jumpsuit i came across a new brand called A Day In A Life.

There are many things that i like about this brand - I like that the collection is so versatile, i can imagine wearing the same dress/jumpsuit to a wedding, party and to work and it being perfect for every occasion.  I like that the pieces are ageless and would look amazing on both a 60 year old and on a 20 year old.  I like that there aren't to many pieces in the collection and that they never have sales, instead the collection will grow and more seasonally appropriate items will be added.  

I recently got their black silk jumpsuit and i love it - i know its going to be one of my default items of clothes and will stay in my wardrobe forever.  It can be dressed up or down and worn at every occasion - from a meeting to on holiday.  There is a draw sting waist that you can tighten up high on the waist or lower on the hips - you could also wear this if you are pregnant as it is a loose fit.

A Day In A Life's clothes are well thought through and curated.  The Engineered Knit Slip Dress which is a kind of spanx dress that holds everything in can either be worn as a dress on its own or underneath the looser fit dresses.  This is the type of thing that'd be useful for after you have had a baby to hold everything in, plus you can breast feed in it by pulling the strap to the built in bra down.  The Stretch Printed Bodysuit is another versatile and useful piece that can either be worn on its own or underneath something - again great for breastfeeding and tummy hiding.

The pink coat is amazing - it kind of feels heavy and swings, the cropped jumper is fun to and would look cool on top of the shirts or over the long sleeve jumpsuit.  The quality is amazing and you can only buy directly from the brand meaning that there are no wholesale costs. 

I meet Davina who is the Founder and Creative Director, she has an impressive fashion CV having worked for some of the worlds best fashion houses, she is also really nice and a mum to!

You can see the full collection here: A Day In A Life and for 10% off the jumpsuit from today until August 2nd enter promo code 'DLAM'.