Lots of people have been asking me about which dungarees i think are the best.  I have quite a few pairs and they are all slightly different and are good/bad for various reasons.

I don't actually own any H&M ones (i think i think 2 black pairs is enough...?) but i have tired them on and spoken to friends who have them and i reckon they are the best all rounder.  Second place in my opinion Zara, then a close third Topshop.

If anyone has any thoughts, tips or any other dungarees to add to the mix please comment in the box below. 


  • These have a really nice leg shape
  • The fabric feels like its good quality
  • They are great value £29.99
  • The straps and fastenings are good


  • The leg length is good
  • I like the ripped knee but you might not
  • They come up big  - i am size 10 and usually a M in Zara but mine are size S
  • The straps are long, i've had to knot mine
  • They are low on the hips so sometimes if the under top isn't long enough (or straps aren't tight enough) it can poke over the sides
  • £59.99 


  • These come up short in the leg - good with no socks but with socks the 'sock gap' can be a bit annoying - however when its cold i have been wearing tights under mine
  • The bib part fits nicely and comes up to a good place on the chest
  • They have the classic dungaree fastening
  • Straps are thick, stay flat and are adjustable 
  • The ones i have have sold out online but they still have these