One of the reasons i started my DRESS LIKE A MUM campaign was because i was frequently receiving comments such as 'you don't look like a mum'.  

I was in a lift the other day in a hipster members club in East London - i had my buggy with me and my 6 month old daughter in it and i was on my way to meet some other mums.  A very cool, glam, hip woman got in and straight away asked ‘is that your baby?’  I said ‘yes’, she said ‘you don’t look like a mum how old are you?’ (i wondered if she would have asked me my age like that if i hadn’t got a buggy with me?) anyway I said 33 and actually that i have 2 children - she said ‘wow! unbelievable you don’t look like a mum’ and got out the lift. 

This kind of comment confuses me - was i meant to thank her?  should it be a compliment? why should it be a compliment? why don’t i look like a mum? what is a mum supposed to look like..? and what is so wrong with looking like one?

I googled it… there is nothing positive about looking or dressing like a mum it is only used as something to be avoided.  This needs to change.

I know plenty of hip, stylish mums out there who look just as good (if not better) than they ever have.  There are also a fair few hot celeb mums out there - Victoria Beckham, Kate Hudson, Fearne Cotton etc... so whats with the bad rep?

That whats i want to change,  i want to inspire and motivate mums to stay looking and feeling good and to enjoy their clothes despite what their children throw at them.

During maternity leave with my first child i got so bored and felt so uninspired with the clothes i wore that i was looking forward to going back to work just so i could wear nice outfits again.

I am currently on maternity leave again with my second child and i made a promise/challenge to myself not to fall into that mode and default style again.

When i became a mum, i still stayed me.  I still really like clothes, fashion, make-up, parties, fun etc... ok so some things were toned down a bit but they are still in there and i'm not going to loose me.  

Zoe SpeedComment