Sainsbury's have recently launched Tu (their clothing division) online and to celebrate they gave me spend £100 to update my wardrobe!

As you know i love a opportunity to shop for clothes where i don't usually and surprising people as to where things are from, so i was happy to try out Tu. 

First thing that i noticed is how reasonable it is these loafers are £20, this red coat is £40 and jeans start at £14. I'm not going to lie there are a fair few things that aren't to my taste on the site but saying that i didn't have any trouble finding things i liked.

Apparently a pair of Gok for Tu Jeans is sold every minute - thats a popular jean! I went for some black ones and i have to say they are great (& £28). They come up high enough to be flattering but not too high to be uncomfortable, have a bit of stretch in them and did not loose their shape. They also come in loads of sizes and in small, regular and long which is good.

I also went for a sparkly pencil skirt (obviously), a pack of shape wear vests - i wear vests under everything, they are the perfect item of clothing for when you are breastfeeding. The vest comes down and the top top comes up, i also spotted a shape-wear dress that would work really well under a dress allowing you to breastfeed in that using the same method as the vest. I also got a black lurex t-shirt and a gold jumper - i am a fan of year round sparkly clothes but really step it up around November.

I'm pretty happy with the new editions to my wardrobe, they are all super useful clothes that i can dressed up and down - nice one Sainsbury's.