As the temperature rises, my tolerance for the feeling of makeup on my face decreases. My solution: get good skin, wear less makeup. I always am good about taking care of my skin, but without a thin blanket of makeup to cover me up, here are some solutions for great summer skin.

We all have to stay safe in the sun, so always ensure you have some sunscreen on, either as a stand alone product or part of your moisturiser. Do allow yourself some occasional ‘unprotected’ sun on your face without any SPF, preferably early or late in the day.

I always say that if you have to choose between spending your cash on makeup and spending it on skincare, choose skincare. You can go makeup free with more confidence and get out the door quicker. The key to radiant skin is to exfoliate deeply to encourage cell renewal and moisturise at a deep level. Here are my Top Three Exfoliants and Hydrators for Super Summer Skin.

 1. Flux Botanicals: I have just discovered this small brand that has a very simple system: 2 products have your skin cleansing and treating routine sorted. The HG oil can both cleanse and then moisturise and the GG Granules can act as an exfoliating and purifying mask. The GG grains contain various types of clay and fruit extract serve to deeply exfoliate the skin, while the HG Oil is a blend of 11 oils, that nourish and protect while hydrating and soothing.

2. Evolve Hyaluronic Acid Mist and Serum: Its all about the HA at the moment, and rightly so. This little molecule can hold up to several times its weight in water and helps plump the skin. Doubling up by using the mist and the serum together you are basically giving your skin a massive drink of water.

3. Supermood Peel: I am in love with this peel but working it is STRONG. Really not suitable for sensitive skin, and only leave on for 1 or 2 minutes. but this reboots your skin and leaves it plump and soft. Definitely use at night and wake up with fresh glowing skin.

Bonus. (because it’s not Tahira’s Top 4 is it?) Follow the peel a cooling mask. Try Aveda Hydration mask that is mainly composed of Aloe Vera.