Skin & Tonic are a London based organic, sustainable, ethical and honest skin care brand.

None of their products contain more than 7 carefully selected ingredients - because they believe less is more. Each product is crafted in small batches by the Skin & Tonic team and the brand supports small, local producers in the UK and France.

I have tried a few of the amazing Skin & Tonic products - my favourites are the Brit Beauty Oil which is like a super oil, hydrating and wrinkle smoothing. I also love the Rose Mist which smells amazing and helps to wake up my face.

I am a big fan of Skin & Tonic, I love what they do and they do it very well. I'm happy I found them! Here is some more information about the brand and how and why it all started:



DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: September 2014

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Sarah Hancock and Joshua Wade

WHY WAS IT CREATED: In 2009, after being diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis, I was explicitly told that my chances of having children were next to zero. So, I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle: I walked away from a high-pressure career in TV; I quit smoking and drinking; I transformed my diet and I started practicing yoga.

One day, I read a report by the European Environment Agency about the effect endocrine disrupting chemicals in cosmetics were having on our bodies and the environment: I was shocked at how many synthetic chemicals my body was absorbing on a daily basis from my precious big brand products! I immediately switched to totally (certified) organic skincare and gradually started formulating my own products, whilst training in skincare formulation and aromatherapy. By making these changes, my overall health improved but I was also able to empower myself in the face of illness. Endometriosis, like all chronic diseases, can be super painful and exhausting. Paradoxically, though, we would never have launched Skin & Tonic without it…

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Skin & Tonic is a minimal organic skincare brand. We make award winning, certified organic products that are handcrafted in small batches in Hackney, East London. We use no more than 7 carefully sourced plant-based ingredients because we strongly believe that less really is more when it comes to your skin. We don’t use wasteful secondary packaging, our products are unisex and multifunctional and our labeling is honest, informative and fun. Skin & Tonic is based on a simple mantra: People, Planet and THEN Profit. Our products are cruelty free and fully certified organic by the Soil Association. We work (wherever possible) with local producers, we donate 10% of profits to Charity Water and we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees in the Suffolk countryside.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our new limited edition Summer Festival Kit! We’ve curated a selection of eco-friendly festival necessities; perfect for any discerning, eco-conscious festival goer. The Kit features deluxe versions of our festival beauty essentials: a Rose Mist to keep you fresh and floral and to tone and hydrate your skin; a Naked Lip Balm to keep your lips silky smooth; and one of our multifunctional Calm Balms (rub onto your wrists and temples when you eventually go to bed - the blend of lavender, chamomile and calendula will help you drift off to sleep - or you can also apply it to dry skin patches). We’ve also included a pair of exclusive, limited edition Skin & Tonic LoveSpecs, an eco- friendly bamboo toothbrush, and some bespoke Skin & Tonic biodegradable glitter, all of which comes in a super cool Fair Trade Skin & Tonic canvas wash bag. (Top Tip: Calm Balms are ideal for applying face glitter!)