Brows are HUGE ( in all senses of the word) at the moment. I do think they are terribly overdone at the moment, but if you are not blessed with Cara’s Caterpillars, here are my top products to help groom your brows.

  1. Matte natural coloured eyeshadow: I have been using MAC eye shadow as brow fill since the beginning of my career and honestly use a palette I created for this purpose EVERY WORKING DAY. (picture of my palette below) Dab the shadow with an angle brush, remove the excess, and swipe gently to shade the skin under the eyebrows for a denser look and shaping. I use the following colours: Omega, Wedge, Copperplate, Corduroy, Cork, Brun, Expresso and Print depending on the hair/skin colour of the client. I also love the Dr Hauschka 01 palette for this.

  2. MAC brow pencils: Without turning this into a MAC love-in, I am a bit of a believer in ‘if it ain't broke.... ‘ For a precise and More precise and defined look, or when I need a few small sharp strokes, I use MAC eyebrow pencils. I use the colour LINGERING the most, but also regularly use Spiked, Stud, Brunette and Fling. Trick: roll the exposed tip at an angle on a tissue placed in a table to sharpen the end into a point. I always aim to use a colour at LEAST a ½ shade lighter than the brow hair.

  3. Brow Gel Colour: I am not a big fan of and all over colour for the brow, or of a very made up eyebrow. However, for a long lasting effect, a very precise or defined effect or for when I need to create a different shape or for a waterproof finish. I really rate the Lancôme Sourcils gel ... It has a soft texture and a light shimmer, making it more reflective, and therefore softer, and I get double use by using it as an eyeliner as well.

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