I have Dry Hair. In fact, I have dry everything, but I digress….I have been dying my hair for a few years now, so the ends get dry, but the roots are fine. That, combined with my natural wave and london water, my hair can go frizzy and ratty-looking fairly easily. I also very rarely DO my hair, often opting for leaving my wavy hair in my Boucleme Organic Cotton for a bit, putting in some serum and then letting my hair dry naturally.

I like oils that can be used on towel dried hair, that I then leave in as a treatment. I am very wary of most Serums on the market, as they contain a lot of silicone which only coats the hair, making it appear softer for a while, and then drying it out in the long run.  Here are my top three Hair Serum Treatments right now.

  1. Alchemy Oil Grapefruit Hair Remedy : I love the fresh scent of this oil I have tried it only once the intended way, which is to leave it overnight as a mask. I have used it often on wet, damp or dry hair to reduce frizz. A little goes a long way for styling, but I love the Ritual aspect that Alchemy Oils Promote, to take time for some self care. This blend is intended to thicken and strengthen hair, perfect for New Mums experiencing hair loss 3 months Post Partum.

  2. Evolve Nourishing Hair Elixir : This Light Oil-Serum absorbs quickly without leaving hair greasy or heavy. I would not recommend it for very fine hair, but it really softens frizz. I have used it on damp hair that I then air-dry as well as a finishing “Gloss” on my dry hair. Really keep this away from the roots tough, as I think it is too rich and may “weigh down” the Hair.

  3. Tabitha James Kraan 4 in 1 Conditioner : I mean seriously, this product does EVERYTHING but the dishes. It can be used as a Rinse-Out or Leave-in Conditionner,  and it can be used on Damp Hair as a Styling Aid or as a Finishing AND it can be used as a dry scalp treatment! I have tried the Citrus scent which is lovely, but it also comes in Amber Rose and in a travel size perfect for your hand bag on particularly frizz inducing days! I prefer it as a styling product than a rinse out conditionner, but that is because of the texture of my hair.


Next week is Valentine’s day. Yes, I know it can be a high pressure, saccharine day/weekend and if you are a mum, it may likely just be another day, with one more thing to think about. But if you do feel like making a special day or night of it, even just for yourself, go on, get yourself a sassy Lippy! Here are my top three Valentine Velvets for some Va Va Voom!

1. Matte Lipstick:  Absolution Cosmetics  I am IN LOVE with the Sweet + Safe Kiss range of Lipsticks from Absolution. My Favourites are No1 Bordeaux a dark sultry Deep Purple Red and No. 19 Rose Franc A Perfect Pink, with a good balance of blue.  This organic brand come in at a higher price point (about £24) but the payoff in colour and longevity are worth it I think.

Urban Decay Comfort Matte in Afterdark + Bittersweet are Creamy Matte formulations, at a reasonable £15.50

2. Lip Crayon: Burts bees have just come out with a range of Lipsticks which you can look at here but for a velvet finish The Matte Crayon is the best, and the colour lasts too. I love Napa Vineyard for a bright, true red and Redwood Forest for a more Brick Tone. Retailing for about £9, this is a great option in convenient packaging.

NARS Velvet Matte Lip is a classic lasting pencil (It’s in the name!) Try Infatuated Red for a classy dark tone, or 413 BLKR for a Bright Fuschia Pink. Or try Nudestix lip + Cheek Matte crayons in Stiletto or Raven from space NK, for about 24£ they serve as Lip and cheek colour in VERY convenient containers.

3. Matte Liquid lipsticks: Cruelty Free Brand Sleek Makeup have the Matte Me range, and are a bargain at about £5 each. I like Shabby Chic for a perfect Neutral Pink, or Vino Tinto for a really beautiful deep sexy burgundy.

Finally, my personal favourite is Hourglass Liquid Lipstick in Icon, but I also love Ballet, again, about £24, but they last long and a little goes a long way.


This is the best eye makeup remover I've ever used because it removes makeup but is really gentle. It gets recommend a lot in the press and by beauty professionals but it deserves the good press.

Bioderma is a French brand and you used to only be able to buy it in France but now they sell it in Boots too. 

Bioderma Sensibio H2O 250ml £10.50


Tahira’s Top Three Recovery Treatments for January:

Happy New Year! January is a wonderful time for rest and renewal, hibernation and taking a bit of care of yourself.  If you have enjoyed the excesses and/or the outdoors in December, now is a good time to indulge in some deeper skin care, sor here are my top three Treatments for January.

1. Restorative Masks: I love the Dr Hauschka Rejuvinating Mask, for its lovely scent gentle feel, I always feel refreshed after this mask.  The Anne Semonin Gel Mask is a bit more of an investment, but feels absolutely fabulous on. Its soothing and refreshing and skin really feels plump afterwards, a little goes a long way and the packaging ensures longevity of the product. I also really love the Nügg Beauty Revitalising Mask I got in my last Little Known Box, it really tingles and I was not too sure after the first use, but after the second try my skin felt and looked softer and plumper, and the peppermint oil definitely improves circulation. ( my only thing is I find the packaging a bit wasteful for home use but great on the road or as little gifts)

2. Balm Masks: This is the time for some heavy hitters in the moisturising department. I like using the Emma Hardie Moringa Balm really thinly applied all over my face and leaving it on for 15 minutes as a mask before removing. I also like using Weleda Skinfood as a moisture mask. I warm the cream up in my palms, and then press it on my face after cleansing as a night cream. I also get some dry patches on my face and use the Evolve Lip Balm to soothe and hydrate.

3. Oils + Serums Combo: I Love mixing an Oil and serum for a super charged skin boost, especially at night. Try the Evolve Beauty Miracle Oil, and their Hyaluronic Serum has had amazing reviews. My favourite is the Sukin Chia Seed Oil +  Supergreen Serum which work really well together for a plumping, hydrating effect.


This week I would like to recommend my Wet Brush Hairbrush. I have had and tried many hairbrushes in my life but this one is by far the best one.

Because I have highlighted hair, which is fine but thick and because I am prone to messy hair I have always found hairbrushes to rip and hurt a bit when I used them, but this one doesn't do that at all. I also use this on my kids hair - my daughter has curly hair that gets very tangled and it works well on that too.


This week's Beauty Product of the Week is Evolve Organic Beauty's Hyaluronic Serum.

I love Evolve Beauty - I came across them at an organic beauty event last year where they were kind enough to give me a few samples. I used all of these up pretty fast and have gone on to order more (they also make great gifts).

Evolve's products are all natural and organic and really feel pure and like they are actaully doing something. The things i've tried so far have been the face oil and moisturizers both of which I love.


Well, ‘Tis the season to sparkle, and I am sure you Mums are as busy as I am, so I am going to make this quick!

If you want a fast way to brighten up your look right before all those Holiday Parties, just add Glitter! Here are my Top Three picks to get SPARKLING (Without Getting Glitter EVERYWHERE! )

  1. Glitter Lips: I wore this delightful product to TWO Xmas parties this week at it was such a hit! The little kits consist of a base coat applied like a gloss (essentially it's a glue, I’m not gonna lie) and then use the applicator to carefully press the glitter into place. It REALLY stays on! The glitter is best applied thin, and DOES NOT TRANSFER. My glittery Pout did last better when I was just having drinks, but did do well through mealtimes. It is available Online and at Superdrug for £12.50 (You can check out @tahiramakeupuk to see the results)

  2. Little Ondine: Manicures Are a great way to get your glitter going without getting it everywhere. I LOVED my Little Ondine Manicure I got at an event last week. Their Water-based non toxic nail polish dries quickly with no odor, and gently peels off when you are ready to change colour. They have a range of glittery colours and can be found online for 11£ for a single colour, or save by getting their discovery kits which include a few shades starting at £25. Better yet, jazz up a plain shade with a glittery topcoat with their FABULOUS Twin Sets, £13 for 2 minis in one set. Perfect!

  3. Eyeliner: Glitter eyeliner is a great way to get those sparkles around your eyes. Use them either as a liner or spread them using a brush or a cotton bud, either all over the lid or just on the inside corners for a modern glam look. Classic Urban Decay Heavy Metals comes in a range of fun colours, but you can also get great glitter liners like  NYX Liquid Crystal


With the Happy return of the Nineties, comes the happy return of the Brown Lip, so from Coffee To Nude.  If you feel a light shade is too pale, but still want a nude lip, opt for a shade 1 step darker than your skintone and with a bit of pink or peach to it to liven things up. For a really modern look, go for Matte Neutrals with a grey undertone.

Here are my Top Three ways to Rock the Brown Lip Trend:  

1. Gloss: I love a Glossy nude lip in the daytime, takes me back! Ilia’s The Butterfly & I  is a rich Neutral Apricot tone, Cosmetics a la Carte City Lips is a perfect Nude Pink and Neals Yard Nude Lip Gloss is actually a deep Tan colour.

2. Bullet Lipstick: If you prefer a Proper Lipstick, I LOVE Dr Hauschka Novum 04 IT is a gentle neutral shimmer that looks good on EVERYONE. For a creamier texture, try Hourglass Femme Nude Lip Stylo Which offers a range of Neutral Nudes for all complexions , and NYX Full Throttle Lipstick in Kiss the Dust is a richer Coffee Tone.

3. Liquid Lipstick: I Personally love a liquid lipstick, it goes on like a gloss ( so you can use the wand for precise application)  but dries to a lasting Matte Finish. I like Sleek Matte Me in Birthday Suit (good Name), and am a big fan of Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lips in Canvas, and Liquid Lip Originators OCC’s Nude Interlace is a lovely Peachy nude.


NINNI is a personalised skin care brand, where the products are based on natural ingredients and formulated to suit the individual.

I have been using NINNI for a few weeks now and I love it - it is simple, smells good and really feels like it does what it sets out too. I like that the products are natural, that I know exactly what is in them, that they are tailored for me and that they smell so good.

Here is some more info on the brand, how it began and what is coming...


DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: October 2014 (first products available in October 2015)


WHY WAS IT CREATED: It was the end of my maternity leave and I was quite down because I’ve just failed my interview for “the dream job” (or so I thought). I was watching daytime TV and saw an ad for personalised snack boxes. This sparked an idea. What if you offer personalised skin care? What if I share my passion for skin care science with other women and empower them to choose what they want in their skin care, rather than having a big corporation decide for them. And so NINNI was born.

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: We base all our products on natural ingredients, because these are better for the skin and better for the planet. It’s a win-win. Also we want to decode the science of skin care and enable women understand what goes in beauty products and to select the ingredients/ formulations that suits them. I’m a chemical engineer and I love sharing my knowledge about the ingredients, how formulations are structured and how products are created. We are a start-up and constantly growing. Our first moisturisers are available now and more selections are coming in early 2017.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our moisturisers – you can either go for our formulation “My Day” this is a formulation that is designed for women living in big cities. It has a light texture that works well under make-up and packed with antioxidants. (Antioxidants protects your skin from pollution). My Night is a rich formulation containing hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamin A, to hydrate and rejuvenate tired skin. Also you can choose your scent; either soothing lavender & chamomile, uplifting /lemon/rosemary or unscented.


Fall Fashion Forward: Tahira’s Top Three Autumn Trends to Try:

So while you get your chunky knits out, grab your deep plum lipsticks and head out into the crisp air. Here are my Top TThree Fall Trends for you to try:

Plum Lips: Nights have gotten chillier and so have our lips. This season heralds yet another return of the Goth vamp Lip so give it a go with colours like Absolution Cosmetics in Bordeaux, or i have always been a fan of MAC Nightmoth ( a dark cold purple) liner on its own, with a bit of clear gloss ( see below), or Pair it with Sleek Makeup VIP lipstick in Elite or try Vegan Liquid lipstick by LUSH in Confident.

Glitter: It’s not just for festivals any more my loves! A little hint of glitter, well placed can liven up an evening look or make your day look edgy. In the day, just try a bit on the outside cerner of your eye or as eyeliner, with an otherwise bare face and maybe pair with a Boyish look for your wardrobe. For evening, try using glitter all over your eyelids for a touch of drama when you blink! Try Beauty Boulevard , JT Makeup Studio or check out this Biodegradable Glitter from Glitterlution.

Get Gloss: Moving beyond Our ‘90s throw back to Neutrals, we are now headed straight back into our pots of slick gloss, for lips, eyes and everywhere else really! Bring back the classic 90’s early 2000’s lip with iconic Lip Glass by MAC, or NYX Mega Lip Shine. For an easy but comfortably wearable eyelid sheen try warming some Weleda Skin Food ( a mummy must have for life in general, think of it as the gaffa tape of beauty products) and dabbing into the crease and on the browbone (avoid the lash line unless you want panda eyes)


Skin & Tonic are a London based organic, sustainable, ethical and honest skin care brand.

None of their products contain more than 7 carefully selected ingredients - because they believe less is more. Each product is crafted in small batches by the Skin & Tonic team and the brand supports small, local producers in the UK and France.

I have tried a few of the amazing Skin & Tonic products - my favourites are the Brit Beauty Oil which is like a super oil, hydrating and wrinkle smoothing. I also love the Rose Mist which smells amazing and helps to wake up my face.

I am a big fan of Skin & Tonic, I love what they do and they do it very well. I'm happy I found them! Here is some more information about the brand and how and why it all started:



DATE IT WAS FOUNDED: September 2014

BY WHOM IT WAS FOUNDED: Sarah Hancock and Joshua Wade

WHY WAS IT CREATED: In 2009, after being diagnosed with a severe case of endometriosis, I was explicitly told that my chances of having children were next to zero. So, I decided to completely overhaul my lifestyle: I walked away from a high-pressure career in TV; I quit smoking and drinking; I transformed my diet and I started practicing yoga.

One day, I read a report by the European Environment Agency about the effect endocrine disrupting chemicals in cosmetics were having on our bodies and the environment: I was shocked at how many synthetic chemicals my body was absorbing on a daily basis from my precious big brand products! I immediately switched to totally (certified) organic skincare and gradually started formulating my own products, whilst training in skincare formulation and aromatherapy. By making these changes, my overall health improved but I was also able to empower myself in the face of illness. Endometriosis, like all chronic diseases, can be super painful and exhausting. Paradoxically, though, we would never have launched Skin & Tonic without it…

WHAT WE NEED TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR BRAND: Skin & Tonic is a minimal organic skincare brand. We make award winning, certified organic products that are handcrafted in small batches in Hackney, East London. We use no more than 7 carefully sourced plant-based ingredients because we strongly believe that less really is more when it comes to your skin. We don’t use wasteful secondary packaging, our products are unisex and multifunctional and our labeling is honest, informative and fun. Skin & Tonic is based on a simple mantra: People, Planet and THEN Profit. Our products are cruelty free and fully certified organic by the Soil Association. We work (wherever possible) with local producers, we donate 10% of profits to Charity Water and we offset our carbon footprint by planting trees in the Suffolk countryside.

WHAT WE SHOULD BUY FROM YOU: Our new limited edition Summer Festival Kit! We’ve curated a selection of eco-friendly festival necessities; perfect for any discerning, eco-conscious festival goer. The Kit features deluxe versions of our festival beauty essentials: a Rose Mist to keep you fresh and floral and to tone and hydrate your skin; a Naked Lip Balm to keep your lips silky smooth; and one of our multifunctional Calm Balms (rub onto your wrists and temples when you eventually go to bed - the blend of lavender, chamomile and calendula will help you drift off to sleep - or you can also apply it to dry skin patches). We’ve also included a pair of exclusive, limited edition Skin & Tonic LoveSpecs, an eco- friendly bamboo toothbrush, and some bespoke Skin & Tonic biodegradable glitter, all of which comes in a super cool Fair Trade Skin & Tonic canvas wash bag. (Top Tip: Calm Balms are ideal for applying face glitter!)


Well, You made it. It’s the end of summer and the kids are starting (sniff) or going back (sigh of relief) to school. You probably have loads to think about, so to make your beauty routine a non-issue, here are my top three back to school beauty tips:

  1. Hold Your Tan: Hang on to summer as long as possible! After sun exposure, it is important to gently exfoliate and moisturise. Getting rid of the top layer of dry skin will allow moisturiser to penetrate properly, which will actually make your tan last longer. For both face and body you can just exfoliate using a wash cloth or muslin or use gentle sugar scrubs like Laughing Bird or make your own using Sugar/Salt, lemon juice and oil (olive/almond/coconut). For your face try Skin & Tonic London Gentle Scrub. To hydrate you can see my post here. On your face, rub a cream bronzer onto your cheekbones for a lasting glow. Try Daniel Sandler Watercolour Creme Bronze.    
  2. Try Something New: I Love Zoe’s philosophy of encouraging women to step out of the box they are normally in. I agree, this is a great time to try a new colour or style: Give AW16/17 Modern Gothic look a whirl with blackberry lips or dark eyeshadow. Try Neal’s Yard Blackberry or Sleek’s Matte Me Vino Tinto Lips and Sleek Vintage Romance Palette or Lily Lolo Smoke and Mirrors Palette ( I love this and use it loads). 
  3. Cut Your Hair: Yup, those ends are dead my friend. They need a cut, and you know it! Get a trim, a cut, a new style, a new shape, a new colour even, but end of summer locks are probably a bit dry and need to go. Your hair growth over the summer will most likely have been faster than normal so now is a good time to get a style cut back in, before you switch to your fall wardrobe. You can also do extra conditioning masks and treatments like the ones I describe here. And If you colour your hair: Blondes: try darkening a shade to neutral with lowlights, or brunettes: throw in some cinnamon streaks around your face, or Bleach it and go Mermaid!

Now, back to class kids!



I was born and live in London - for many reasons I think it is an amazing place to live but there are a few downsides - one major one being pollution. London is one of the most polluted cities in the world and pollution is bad for everything and everyone.

One of the best ways to reduce air pollution and also get the best out of the city is by walking or riding a bicycle. Sounds Simple, but I am a big fan of walking places, not only it is good for you and the environment but you are in control of how long it takes, no waiting for buses, traffic or train delays.

To make my walking commutes even more pleasurable, I always download a few Podcasts, if you get one you enjoy they are brilliant and perfect to listen to while travelling around town. 

My top 5 Podcast recommendations are: 

  1. Startup - Following the journey of starting a business
  2. Scummy Mummies - A very funny, fun show with the Scummy Mummies talking to guests (including me!) 
  3. The PanDolly Podcast - A chat show about fashion and popular culture by Pandora Sykes
  4. Reply All - A podcast about the internet and it's madness
  5. Serial - Gripping investigative journalism series (very addictive)

Spending time and walking around outside (especially in a city) is damaging to your skin (80% of all signs of skin ageing are due to environmental aggressors such as UV rays, pollution and smoke). Sun exposure is well known to be a major cause of visible skin ageing and now recent studies reveal that air pollutants are equally damaging. 

After conducting extensive research into the effect air pollution (often called ambient particulate matter) and UV rays has on our skin, Elizabeth Arden have recently launched the first of its kind product to protect against it - PREVAGE® City Smart Broad Spectrum SPF 50 Hydrating Shield. 

PREVAGE® City Smart is basically a skin shield that not only improves your skin’s condition, but it also screens out skin-dulling pollutants and 98% of UVB rays. 

As I get older, and as I learn more about how external factors affect my skin, I have found myself more and more committed to protecting it and so this is a product that massively appeals to me.  

PREVAGE® City Smart does three main things: 

PROTECTS - against pollution with an Anti-Pollution Shield Technology and a patent-pending highly potent Anti-Pollution Complex. 

PREVENTS against UVA and UVB rays with a 100% Mineral Broad Spectrum SPF50 Sunscreen.

STRENGTHENS the skin’s natural defences with a DNA Enzyme Complex that helps protect against free radical damage and supports the skin’s natural repair process.

If like me you live in a busy city this is definitely a product you need to start using.  You apply the product daily as the last step in your skincare routine, it is slightly tinted (one shade for all) and you really feel like it is smoothing, nourishing and making a difference. 

This post is kindly sponsored by Elizabeth Arden. All thoughts, and views are my own.



I'm embracing the purple lipstick trend for my Mixed Berry themed makeup look, that I have created as part of yoomoo's #yoobeauty competition. 

yoomoo (the brand who make the super tasty yogurt and (low fat) yogurt ice lollies) currently have a competition to win a trip (worth £2500) to San Francisco. All you have to do to enter is create a makeup look based on one of the three flavours of their ice lollies - Mixed Berry, Tropical and Strawberry and either upload a photo of it to yoomoo's Facebook page or #yoobeauty on Instagram.  (FYI - the competition closes on 8th August - you have to be in it to win it!).

I am loving my Mixed Berry makeup look. I have never really worn purple lipstick before - I thought that it might look a bit fancy dress or that it wouldn't suit me, but a mixed berry coloured and themed makeup look seemed the perfect time to try it.

Purple lipstick is actually pretty flattering and wearable - there are loads of different shades and always one that will suit you. It is also a versatile lip colour and can be vampy, bright or subtle.

I wanted my lips to be the main focus of this look but because they are quite edgy and make a bold statement I didn't want the rest of my face to look to natural. For my eyes I went for a simple black felt tip eyeliner with a kitten flick and lots of black mascara.

Smashbox Vibrant Purple lipstick £17.50 / TOPSHOP eyeliner £6.50

I wanted my face to be slightly matte and not too shiny but at the same time natural and neutral so I used Charlotte Tilbury Magic Foundation - which is a really great all round foundation, not to thick but gives a good natural/medium coverage.

I have recently discovered an amazing under eye product, it is so easy to apply and literally makes eye bags disappear - Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (£7.99) it is the best one I have tried (including the more expensive brands) - I can highly recommend it for tired mum eyes.

Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer £7.99 / Leighton Denny Nail Polish, Queen Of Congo £12

I continued the Mixed Berry theme on my nails and painted them a raspberry colour which I love - it is a good colour because it sits in the middle of subtle and statement so works equally well for work and weekend. 

I love this look and will definitely wear it again. It's great to mix up makeup looks to suit occasions and outfits and this one make a cool, confident statement while actually being really wearable.

More information on how to enter yoomoo's yoobeauty competition and the rules can be found here.

This post is in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by yoomoo. All thoughts and views are my own.


I have started to think more about my overall makeup looks recently and have been trying to mix them up a bit. In the past I have tended just to stick to the same tried and tested look and products regardless of what I was wearing or where I was going. But there are so many amazing, bright, interesting colours and formulas around at the moment, and so many great places to get makeup inspiration from that I am thinking more and more about doing my makeup to compliment my outfits.

yoomoo (the brand who make the super tasty (low fat) frozen yogurt) is currently running a #yoobeauty competition, giving you the chance to win a trip to San Francisco by creating a makeup look inspired by one of the three flavours of their frozen yogurt - Mixed Berry, Strawberry or Tropical. (More information on the competition at the end of this post).

This week I have created a Tropical inspired makeup look and i'm wearing an amazing fruit print tropical dress that used to be my mums in the 60s! 

I wanted the overall look to be bright and happy and to give the appearance that I live on a tropical island.

On my face, after applying a light foundation I added highlighter to my cheekbones and a bronzer to my cheeks. On my eyes I put a light gold sparkly eye shadow then used a blue eye pencil and black mascara. On my lips i went for this amazing bright, glossy coral colour - it's almost fluorescent. And then I painted my nails a bright orange colour - to match the yoomoo Tropical ice lolly!


Barry M Kingfisher Blue Kohl Pencil £2.99 / Barry M Coral Blush £4.99 / Leighton Denny Helter Skelter £11 / Charlotte Tilbury Stick Bronzer £30

Tropical makeup was a fun one to create and one that I will definitely wear again - especially in the summer time when i'm dressing for a colourful party or next wearing this dress.

If you would like to enter yoomoo's beauty competition to WIN a holiday to San Francisco (worth £2500) all you have to do is create either a Strawberry, Tropical or Mixed Berry themed makeup look and either upload it to yoomoo's Facebook page or to your Instagram and tag #yoobeauty and then keep an eye on yoomoo’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

I have one more look (Mixed Berry) to do so please come back next week to check it out!

This post is in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by yoomoo. All thoughts and views are my own.


I recently teamed up with the very talented and lovely makeup artist Tahira on a festival themed shoot and she created the most amazing glitter face and hair makeup. I love glitter and was very reluctant to take it off at the end of the day.

Here is how Tahira created the look (I am hoping I can recreate it for Camp Bestival in a couple of weeks!):

To Get the Glitter Waterfall under Zoe's eyes:

I first used Kryolan Fine Glitter Gel in Pearl White under her eyes, patting it in a large semicircle to the tops of the cheekbones.

Then I applied with my finger, Kryolan Medium Glitter in Pearl Blue mostly all over the gel, leaving a little "Edge" of just gel under the lashline and at the top of the cheeks.

Finally, with my little finger, I applied Kryolan Coarse Glitter in Pastel Blue, right along the lower lash line.

Glitter Lips and Glitter Roots:  

I used Glitter Lips in Sparkling Rose on Zoe's Lips because she often uses a bright. and lets face it , More is More and More is FABULOUS! For the purposes of the photoshoot , I just used the fine glitter and applicator with some Dr Lipp Balm to Zoe's Lips, because we didn't need it to last all day. However, I have tried the glitter lips myself (see my Insatgram) and it really does dry and make a long last glitter lip.

For Her Hair, We just received some of the new Stardust Festival Glitter which is a kit similar to the Lip kit, but has a sparkling gel as an adhesive, and a larger brush for application. After applying the gel to the Center Parting and the Hairline, I used the brush and my fingers to sprinkle the glitter.  It is quite chunky so I would probably use the end of a spoon or a makeup spatula next time.

Here are some other Glitter options I love: JT Makeup Studio make a really beautiful selection in different sizes that include foils and leaf. LIT cosmetics have a totally vegan and cruelty free base that is a liquid that can be used for ANY type of glitter application. ( and I cant help but love a Canadian Brand)

Glitter Removal Tip: Glitter Gels/adhesives tend to make glitter removal much easier. It seems to bond and allow the glitter to be removed more easily with wipes. For lingering strays, get some Scotch Tape (Sello Tape in this country) and just pat pieces over your fave to get the last bits off.  I found the Glitter lips easier to remove by rubbing a bit of oil onto the lips first.


The days may be getting longer, but honestly, I think that time is getting shorter! I seem to keep running out of it! Mums (Moms, mamas, makeup wearing papas) I know that with the holidays around the corner and everything else going on you need this to be snappy, so here they are: Tahira’s Top Three Summer Beauty Hacks

Protect + Perfect: I bang on and on about sun protection, so to save time, make sure your skincare or makeup primer has some SPF, that’s fairly easy since most BB Creams and tinted moisturisers do. For suggestions check out my posts on the topic here and here.

If you are getting a bit more tanned, use a Tinted Moisturiser/Bronze Glow, 1 or 2 shades darker than your normal colour.  If it is too dark at first, just use a drop of it, and blend out using normal moisturiser/primer/bb cream. Try: Liz Earle Bronzing Fluid , Perricone MD No Foundation SPF 30. If you use a loose powder mineral foundation, it generally has an SPF already like this one by Lily Lolo , but you can also  mix Sunscreen or a Primer like  Balance Me Beauty BB Cream or A La Carte Sunstop with it for sheer coverage. Or, if you prefer a matte look, try ILIA Setting powder with SPF 20, packaged conveniently with its own brush.

Wet Look: Who has time for Hair? Zoe sports a really good ½ top knot which looks amazing and is a fantastic. If you want your hair down, you can rock the natural beach wave by using salt spray ( I like Sachajuan) if your hair only has a light wave.  Alternatively try Boucleme Creme (For thicker curlier Hair) or Giovanni Eco-Chic Elixir (For wavy, Med-Thin Hair) into your wet or towel dried hair. Try this next Generation of high tech towels to minimize frizz: Boucleme Curl Towel, or Aquis Lisse.

Alternatively, take this time to sport the Wet Look AND condition those locks:

Straight out of the shower, comb your favourite mask or oil into your hair and tie up into a bun/knot/ some sort of braid formation, pop on a hat and voilà! ( if using oil, please wear a hat or you will burn your scalp). Try Sukin Hair Protein treatment or  Rich Argan or Almond Oil (my fave source for these is aromantic.com) and check out The Beauty Department for some wet hair style ideas.

3. Bronzed + Brights: I am obsessed with the look of glossy tanned skin and a bright lipstick. It looks great always and at any age (just saw a septagenarian sporting it). For it to work best, the lip needs to LAST (who has time to reapply mid-swim?). Try Hourglass Liquid Lips , Becca beach tint. Or, do this: Use a lip pencil to draw and fill in your lips and then take the smallest amount of balm (I mean literally, an iota) and dab gently into your lips to moisturise, try Pure Potions Ointment, Dr. Lipp Balm, or Weleda skin food. Pat with a tissue or cotton bud to remove any excess balm, reapply the pencil and you should be good for few hours. Try lip pencils by Ilia, BellaPierre, Inika or Burts Bees. Sunscreens generally make skin glow but if that is not enough for you, checkout my highlighting post here

Hot Fun in the summertime!



As part of the #yoobeauty campaign to celebrate the mega tasty yoomoo frozen yogurt lollies, (good for both kids and grown-ups) AND to tell you about the amazing competition yoomoo have on at the moment to WIN a trip to San Francisco (info below). I have been invited to create 3 make-up looks around 3 different themes and yoomoo flavours - first up is strawberry!


The main thing in my strawberry make-up look is of course red lips (I did consider painting little seeds on my face but thought that might be taking it a bit too literally)!  

I love a red lip, ever since a makeup artist told me that a bright lip detracts from a tired eye I have been a fan, plus I think that if you haven't got time to do the rest of your makeup then a red lip always make you look 'done'.

I kept my face and eye makeup simple and summery - with a bit of mascara and soft, smudged eye pencil on my eyes. On my face I applied a bit of tinted moisturiser and then some bronzer so that the red lips really stood out. The lipstick I used is matte and bold - I like it as it is easy to put on and then stays on. I applied two coats to make the colour really pop.

Here are the products I used to create this look:

Benefit Dew The Hoola -Soft Matte Liquid Bronzer £22.50  / Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet £8.99 / Eyeko FAT eye stick £12.00 / Smashbox Indecent Exposure Mascara £19.50

All the products listed above are ones that I have in my makeup bag, use all the time and would recommend. As a busy mum/person the main things I look for in a beauty product are that they are easy and quick to put on and that are are long lasting.

If you think you could create a strawberry themed beauty look and would like to go to San Francisco you should enter yoomoo's amazing competition!

All you have to do is upload a selfie of your yoomoo strawberry beauty look and post it to yoomoo's Facebook page or else upload it to Instagram and tag #yoobeauty. 

You have to be in it to win it!!!

I have 2 more make-up looks to come so watch this space/face.

This post is in collaboration with, and kindly sponsored by yoomoo. All thoughts and views are my own.



Not sure whether to Strobe or Highlight or both?  Fresh, dewy, glowy, skin is want many women want. But there are SOOOO many products and techniques out there, that it is easy to end up looking like MR. Roboto. Here are my Top Three ways to add a little light to your skin for the summer, without going glitterball!

Once you choose the look and technique that matches your style, the key is colour choice. Opt for more golden tones to be safer. Fairer skinned ladies can go for silvery and pinky highlighters, while Olive to Dark skin tones can opt for more copper/terracotta colours for warmth. If you have oily or shiny skin. Use your usual mattifying base and powder and ONLY use highlight at the tops of your cheekbones and make sure the rest of your face makeup (blush, base etc) is matte.

Strobing: This is quite a fancy-dance makeupy term for adding strategic shine to your face. You apply a shimmery highlighting product to the tops of the cheeks, the bridge of the nose, the top of the cupids bow and you can also add some under the brow bone. This tends to be a more sophisticated and structured look, perfect for Non-casual situations like work or an evening out. Products in stick form like organic brand  Ilia Illuminator are really easy to use, but you can also try a powder like Becca or Hourglass which are all Cruelty free and very popular at the moment.  My preferred method of application is a small fluffy brush like Louise Young’s Deluxe Small Powder Brush or an Eco Tools Mattifying Finishing brush

Highlighting: This to me essentially bringing out the high points of the face, but not necessarily with a shimmery product and is mainly used for a natural sculpting of the face, most often in conjunction with contouring. I apply my highlights in a triangle under the eye/ along the side of the nose/ across the top of the cheekbone. I also sometimes highlight the middle of the brow-bone, under the eyebrows and sometimes the cheeks.The product of choice for the past 10 years has been YSL’s Touche eclat, but I honestly prefer to highlight using lighter tones of foundation/concealer as I feel like they blend in without creating the reverse racoon effect.  Many companies also have contour kits now with creamy toned highlighters which I think is a really good option too. I like both cream and powder forms, Try Sleek or Anastasia Beverly Hills for some really good kits that can also double up as natural eyeshadows with a light touch.

Glow or Dewy finish:  I love this skin finish for most situations : Day, night, Photoshoot, Bridal, etc… It is a glow from within so I tend to achieve this by starting with a Radiance Primer or moisturiser (ie. something with glow in it), so the glow comes from the skin, not the make up on top of it. I am currently trying Burts Bees Radiance Day Cream.  I also love the Cosmetics a la Carte Radiance Primer which I am sure you have heard me bang on about. You have a few options then, you can apply your regular base and powder on top, and the glow will continue to “shine through” the make up, or you can dot concealer where needed (generally under the eys and around the nose and mouth and go!

Happy Highlighting!


I was really inspired by a talk Zoe gave at The Outnet the other week, about trying new things and adding interesting pops of colour to your wardrobe. So with Summer on it’s way, I thought this might be a good time to mix something up in your Beauty Wardrobe.

With a little bit of sunny glow to our skin, I feel like we perhaps need less makeup and can work with colour to add freshness and fun to our look. You can do this in many ways so I thought I would start with cheeks. It is an easy place to start without investing in bright eye makeup you may find harder to wear.

Here are my Top Three Colour Pop Suggestions:

  1. Tangerine Tones: warm up your look with sunny Corals, Peaches, Apricots: For a glow that brings a gentle sunny radiance  try Ilia Multi-Stick in I Put a Spell on You , or for a bolder look try Delilah Cosmetics Powder Blush in Clementine.
  2. Perky Pink: If you want to give a lovely fresh ‘I just went for a little jog’ or ‘flush of love’ rose to the cheeks, try Rose, Bubblegum, or Bright.  Cult Product Daniel Sandler Water Colour blush comes in a fantastic array of Pinks form hot Acid to gentler Oh So Pretty.  Watch the tutorials, they are brilliant products that just need a bit of practice to get used to if you have not tried a liquid blush before.
  3. Berry Boost:  For a deeper skintones or a more sophisticated stain try Berry tones like Blackberry and Raspberry. The richness will add depth, try Illamasqua Gel Blusher in Fluster, or Cosmetics a la Carte Bare Cheek in Raspberry or Blackberry, both sheer gels that will leave skin glowing through the colour.