DRESS LIKE A MUM is a campaign to change the bad image of dressing like a mum.

I want to change the bad rep and perception that mums can't dress; that we automatically lose our sense of style and our passion for fashion just because we have a kid or 2, because we don't.

I started my DRESS LIKE A MUM project because i frequently receive comments such as 'you don't look or dress like a mum', 'i can't believe you have 2 kids' and I couldn’t work out if this was a compliment or not and if it is why is it?

So many assumptions are made about Mums, so many misconceptions and false ideas of what we want, who we are and how we behave.  For some reason once you become a mum people feel that they can stereotype you, slot you into a demographic and predict how you will behave and what you want.

With the help of all the hot, stylish ladies out there (and the #dresslikeamum) i want to prove that dressing like a mum does not exist.

There is no such thing as a ‘normal’, ‘proper’, ‘ordinary’ mum as there is no such thing as a ‘normal’, ‘proper’, ‘ordinary’ person. And there is no ‘proper’ way to dress regardless of if you are a mum or not.  

I am aware that when you become a mother you have A LOT less time for yourself and your priorities change,I am also aware that some women once they become a mother struggle with their fashion identity and feel that they should change the way they dress.  I think mums should wear whatever they like, whatever they feel confident and happy wearing - I believe a good outfit can make for a better day!

This site and the DRESS LIKE A MUM Instagram is a place for outfit inspiration, beauty tips and style ideas (for anyone) and I hope it can save you (mums/ women) time. 



My mission is to make the high street a better place for Mums and Mums to be to shop - I feel like we are an ignored demographic and that massive assumptions (eg. we do not want to be fashionable while pregnant/ nursing) are being made about us.  

I believe that we need to educate retailers and brands, help them understand what it means for a body and a mind to grow a baby and in turn help them cater for us better.

I am an Insights and Trend Researcher and Brand Consultant - I specialise in fashion, luxury and beauty and helping brands understand Millennial parents.

I dabble in journalism.

i'm Zoë

I'm Zoë, I live in London, I love fun and fashion and I promised myself that i will stay stylish and keep my love for clothes regardless of dealing with the madness of 2 kids.  

I have over 8 years experience working within trend, branding, digital and creative agencies and have been responsible for inspiring and informing major global brands.


I would love to hear from anyone and anything hello@dresslikeamum.com

A few brands I have be fortunate to work with (so far) include: